[Audition] How to become a singer? Blind people who became musicians, America Edition


It’s very difficult to be a blind musician, singer, or composer. It’s a very competitive and harsh world, as it’s a profession where demand is low and supply is unlimited. However, there are always people who aspire to this profession, regardless of gender or age. Those who want to become singers now have to overcome many obstacles. Sometimes you may even break down mentally. In such a case, please cultivate fortitude from the lives of these people introduced in this article. You can be a musician even if you are blind.

who wants to be a singer

People who want to become singers have certain things in common. People who fall under any of the following are people who want to become singers or people who have the aptitude to be a singer. Please refer to the list of methods and means of becoming a singer on the article page below. If you want to be the number one singer on international stages and competitions, whether classical or pop, please watch this.


This time I will talk about psychology, but there are countless people who were able to become musicians even if they were blind. People who aim to become musicians are bound to fail many times. But if you look at their lives, you will be fired up with passion. Please know that you can become a singer no matter how bad the situation is. Age and gender don’t matter when it comes to becoming a singer. You can become a professional even if you have a physical disability. This time we will introduce an American blind musician. There is no problem in publishing your work even if you are visually impaired. In the world of culture, video databases and videos allow people with disabilities to play an active role. Regardless of era or region, in addition to sports, musicians can also experience concerts digitally, which is convenient.

Stevie Wonder 

He is an American blind musician, male singer with 10 US number one singles and a total of 22 Grammy Awards. Born in 1950, he was born prematurely and had too much oxygen in his incubator, resulting in retinopathy of prematurity that left him blind shortly after birth.

Ray Charles Robinson

American singer and pianist. Born in 1930, he died of cancer in 2004. Due to glaucoma, his eyesight began to deteriorate around the age of four, and he became blind by the age of seven. However, he learned piano while attending a school for the blind and became a successful singer. He has also been nominated for an American Grammy Award.

Raul Midón

American singer born in 1966. He was born prematurely and was left blind after birth due to lack of proper nursing equipment. It was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2018 and won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2019.

Doc Watson

Guitarist born in 1923 and died in 2012. He lost his sight and went blind before his first birthday due to an infection. In fact, this person is a blind and late-blooming professional musician who actually made his debut after turning 40 years old. Middle-aged people who want to become musicians should learn from his way of life. He had a son, but he died first. Even so, they were vigorously developing their live performances.

Johnny Winter

Guitarist born in 1944 and died in 2014. He was born with poor eyesight, and in the 1990s, in his late 40s and 50s, his eyesight deteriorated and he became almost blind. The song, released in September 2014, won the Grammy Award for Best Blues Album.


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