Tambourine: Characteristics, price, and history of orchestral instruments


A type of percussion, the tambourine is a musical instrument that belongs to the frame drum, so I will introduce it in this article. The ancestor of the tambourine was the frame drum, which is said to have originated in Mesopotamia. In other words, this instrument originated in the ancient civilizations of West Asia and spread widely to India, China, the Incas, Greenland, and medieval Europe. It has been used in orchestras since Mozart in the late 18th century, and since then it has been widely adopted in classical music.


The tambourine is a musical instrument that originated in the Middle East. There are many ways to play percussion, such as using the grip to make simple sounds. The timbre of the sound varies.

About the price

The price ranges from a few thousand yen to several tens of thousands of yen.

Development company

There are many tambourine manufacturers in the world today.

Company nameCountryfeature
GROVER United StatesA long-established manufacturer that is a pioneer in electronic organs.
SuzukiJapanTambourine, a conventional model of cowhide head and stainless steel jingle.
YAMAHAJapanA comprehensive musical instrument manufacturer in Japan. very high quality products.
Black SwampUnited Statesmost diverse series of tambourines.
PLAYWOODGermanyA tambourine developed with the advice of a percussionist.

Tambourine history

Tambourine is also sometimes called tambourine. It has a long history, and he is often used in folk music, especially in Europe. He travels to South America, and in Brazil he is called Pandiero, who has changed a little and is indispensable to the rhythm of samba. The tambourine’s ancestor instrument is the frame drum, which is the “oldest drum in the world” that has existed since the centuries BC. The frame drum originated in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization in the Middle East. This instrument has since spread widely to India, China, Incas, Greenland, medieval Europe and more. Tambourines were used in classical music in the 18th century. It has been used since Mozart and has become a very famous instrument. Tambourine spread all over the world along with classical music, and was used as an educational instrument and became a pop rhythm instrument. Nowadays, it is used by bandmen.

Features of tambourine

The tambourine is a small single-sided drum with a small cymbal on the body. It is common to hold a single-skin frame drum in one hand and tap it with your hand to play. The circular wooden frame has 8 to 16 metal disks called jingles that sound like bells. Tambourine is easy to swing and makes a relatively loud sound, so it is very easy to use. Nowadays, it has been introduced not only in orchestral music but also in pop music and school education, and it has become a very well-recognized and popular musical instrument. It is often used to create rhythms, and is easy to use in any genre. There aren’t many quirks in the tone, so it doesn’t get in the way of the music.

Tambourine song

The tambourine is a widely used instrument in a wide variety of genres.


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