Drums: Features, price, and history of Premier Percussion (Premier Drum Set) instruments


Premier Percussion is a British musical instrument manufacturer based in Kibworth. Founded in 1922, it currently manufactures drum kits, sticks and accessories. It is known around the world for being used by Keith Joe Moon of The Who, a long-established British percussion instrument manufacturer. The company, founded by drummer Albert Delaporta with George Smith, was founded on Berwick Street in London.


This instrument was born in London, England.

Development company

Premier Music International Ltd.

About the price

Premier is a drum set, so the price is over 100,000 yen, and some are over 1 million yen. Prices for drum products vary depending on the hardware and materials of the equipment, such as drum sticks, heads, mallets, hi-hats, snare drums, pedals, and kits. Manufacturers like Yamaha, Tama, and Pearl also make electronic drums. This series is recommended for shopping as there are many new arrivals. Prices vary depending on case and size. It is also a recommended instrument for concerts.


Albert Della Porta 1881 – 1965

Albert Della Porta was a young professional drummer in London. In October 1922 Albert Della Porta decided to make his own drums and founded the Premier Drum Company in London, England with drum builder George J. Smith. Albert Della Porta died in 1965. He was 84 years old.


Premier was founded in 1922 by drummer Albert Della Porta in partnership with George Smith. Premier was founded on Berwick Street in London and was soon joined by Albert’s brother Fred. Initially, they made drums for other companies, then started with “Premier” instruments. Early drum kits consisted of bass drums, snares, stands, cymbals, and sometimes small toms. The company has grown to the point of building two factories. In 1938, they made brass instruments and made drums for the army. In the early 1930s he made a guitar called the “Premier Vox”. After the bombing of a factory in West London in 1940, the company moved to Wigston, where it used three smaller factories. By 1986, Premier had become one of the largest factories in South Wigston, with 180 employees. The company has also exported its products to 120 countries. Premier drums are also famous for being used by jazz drummers Philly Joe Jones and Louis Hayes, but were used by British rock band The Who drummer Keith John Moon. This made the name known to the wider world.

Premier features

Premier makes and completes prototypes from design to production by craftsmen until they are satisfied. Since there are few famous drummers using it, it is not well known, but I am very particular about making it. The design of the rugs and holder parts is elegant because it is made only by a British manufacturer, and the sound from the birch shell is said to be a warm and elegant tone.

Premier model

Vintage Series Kit 


Gen X

Elite Series

APK series


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