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There are many types and genres of music, and preferences have been studied in psychology. Pop, rock, classical, jazz, healing, reggae, ambient, EDM, etc. Just as each person likes different foods and clothes, so too does the music they like. It is known that the type of music that an individual prefers reflects their personality tendencies. A university study found interesting data showing that there is a relationship between musical tastes and personality.

Music taste and personality

Professor Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University divided over 36,000 people around the world into 104 music genres and investigated his favorite genres and his own personality. Announced the results that types are closely related. We know the relationship between people who like each music genre and their personality. Furthermore, since this survey is conducted regardless of nationality, region, or race, it is a tendency that can be said for all human beings. These characteristics are said to have universality that transcends cultural and ethnic differences.


High pride, creative, calm, calm, easy


High pride, creative, outgoing, easy


High pride, creative, introverted, easygoing


High pride, creative, gentle

Country Western

Diligence, extroversion


High pride, creative, not diligent, calm, gentle, easygoing

Soul music

High pride, creative, diplomatic, gentle, easygoing

Dance music

Creative, extrovert, not calm

Indie music

Low self-esteem, creative, not diligent, not calm


Creative and extrovert


Low self-esteem, creative, non-hardworking, non-diplomatic, calm, easygoing


High pride, uncreative, diligent, extroverted, calm, not laid back

Music when a teenager

The New York Times, an American newspaper, reports that the music genre that most people listened to when they were teenagers had a major impact on their lives. For men, the music you listen to between the ages of 13 and 16 affects your future life, and for women, the music you listen to when you are 11 to 14 years affects your later life. The genre of music you listen to as a teenager influences a person’s life, personality, and characteristics.

Age characteristics

A data survey by the Japanese research company NRI Insight Signal shows that people’s tastes in music change depending on their age. Although tastes in rock and pop music are common among people of all ages, information shows that there are clear differences in preferences for certain genres, including emotions. The analysis reveals the following: Rap and hip-hop are at their peak, but there are many people who have other tastes. Even in psychology, the fields of music that people like and the people who listen to it vary considerably depending on their age and experience. There has been a big trend recently, and the situation differs depending on your mood, location, social environment, etc.

20s, 30s

I like anime and game music, and compared to other age groups, I tend to be more introverted, negative, and prefer to be alone rather than having verbal conversations. Although they are adventurous, they seem to have some insecurities. Furthermore, there are many people in this generation who like EDM and other music. According to analysis by psychologists, listeners pay attention to soul, pop, and even Indian rhythmic music every day, and it seems that many listeners check and enjoy music regularly in their daily lives. In general, they tend to feel better at home.

40s, 50s

Many people tend to prefer folk, jazz, and classical music, and compared to other age groups, they tend to be less creative and more positive, preferring tradition and stability. It turns out that they don’t want too much change and want to maintain the status quo. I also tend to like soundtracks and ambient music. This is a generation that rarely listens to music using content such as videos or tools. When it comes to music, I respond to what’s being played on the news rather than intense music, and I prefer the music I listen to at work. Categories like heavy metal can be stressful.


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