[Music Genre] What is Metalcore? Subgenre of heavy metal


Metalcore is said to be a derivative genre of heavy metal. As the main genre, it has been very popular since the 1990s. Since metalcore became the main genre of music, it has become so popular that many sub-genres have arisen. Therefore, various genres are mixed and many people may be confused.

What is metalcore?

Metalcore is interpreted as being derived from hardcore or from heavy metal. Some people call it a hybrid version of hardcore and heavy metal. The biggest feature is the fairly intense music characterized by intense drum beats and breakdowns. Since this genre is said to be a fusion genre of heavy metal and hardcore, it is difficult to draw a clear line in terms of sound, and there is no absolute definition. With that background, we sometimes call metalcore a band that originated from hardcore and has elements of heavy metal.

Metalcore Music


The historical flow was hard rock, from which heavy metal was born, from which hardcore punk and punk rock were born, and then metalcore was born. Metalcore is music that probably originated in America in the 1990s. Between 1985 and 1995, a new type of hardcore band emerged in America. Examples include Hogan’s Heroes and Merauder. These bands were categorized into genres such as metallic hardcore, and were also called metalcore. Metalcore has become the mainstream of music, and the trend has spawned many sub-genres. And some sub-genres were even more popular than mainstream metalcore. Entering the 2000s, it became an era in which many bands were searching for an identity centered on metalcore. Metalcore has become one of the main genres in loud music since the 2000s.

However, band styles such as metalcore rapidly declined around the 2010s. This is a trend that can be said for all genres classified as rock, and the band culture itself has declined due to the development of DTM. As a result, it became difficult for metalcore and others to keep the momentum of the 1990s and 2000s. Music, led by electronic music, has become mainstream in the 2020s.

derivative genre

I have explained the major core parts, but there are also derivative genres, so I have summarized them. To explain, in general, metal is the base and the impression is very similar, but each has a rich content. Basically, the vocals have emo and scream expressions in the lyrics, and the tempo is very good. Some of the artists are close to deathcore and thrash metal, a genre that has many fans. Many fans appreciate their unique rhythm in the song video. It has a strong overseas image, and many members are from Europe and America. Recently, not many albums have been released, and the scene has declined since the early days.

Melodic Metalcore

In the 2000s, many bands appeared that emphasized melody as opposed to metalcore. As a result, there are many songs that emphasize a beautiful sound, and often use clean vocals.


Masscore is characterized by a style that emphasizes technical elements such as speed and technical riffs. It is said that American bands in the 1990s created this genre. The sound is a mixture of metalcore and progressive metal elements.


The sound is a mixture of death metal and metalcore. Many bands include guitar solos and phrases influenced by metalcore, and the death metal band Suffocation from New York is said to be the birthplace of this genre.


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