Violin: Features, price, and history of Lothar Semmlinger


Lothar Semmlinger is a stringed instrument product sold by a violin manufacturer in Germany and recommended for beginners. Germany has a strong reputation for making musical instruments, and towns such as Mittenwald and Bubenreuth are famous for producing high-quality musical instruments. The company’s founder, Lothar Semmlinger, was born in Langensendelbach, a town next to Bubenreuth, and founded the manufacturer. Today, the company has grown to become one of the most respected violin manufacturers in the world, and is distributed all over the world.


This instrument was born in Langensendelbach, Germany.

Development company

Lothar Semmlinger Streichinstrumente

Königsberger Str. 46, 91083 Baiersdorf, Germany

About the price

If you look at the list of information online, prices range from second-hand items for around 50,000 yen to expensive items for over 300,000 yen. Depending on the size, repair services are also available, and as production continues, you can purchase from an online shop.


Lothar Semmlinger 1953 –

Lothar Semmlinger was born in 1953 in Langensendelbach, a town next to Bubenreuth in Germany. He began his apprenticeship training at Karl Hofner under the guidance of Alberto Rank. At the end of his training in 1975, he received the artisan title of the Nuremberg Craftsman Organization. He worked as a craftsman in Dilk’s workshop in Möhrendorf for four years before becoming independent in 1980 and setting up his own workshop. In 1994, by absorbing and merging Mr. Urban’s Benedict Rank, which had already been a long-time partner, we were able to grasp the relationship between new markets and new soloists. He is currently working with his eldest son, Meister maker Stefan, and his second son Christian to create high quality instruments.


Lothar Semmlinger founded his own company in Baiersdorf in 1980, near the famous violin making center of Bubenreuth, and began making musical instruments. It has become a well-established manufacturer that is supported by soloists all over the world, and is highly evaluated all over the world for its rich tone and calm and beautiful finish. Lothar Semmlinger manufactures and sells not only violins but also violas and cellos. It has grown to become one of Germany’s leading stringed instrument manufacturers. We manufacture musical instruments that can express traditional tones in terms of both sound quality and finish.

Lothar Semmlinger model

Semmlinger Violin

Semmlinger Viola

Semmlinger Cello


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