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The products of Japanese manufacturers have a good reputation for being well-crafted to the delicate parts. Many earphones made in China and Southeast Asia are cheaper than Japanese manufacturers. However, many manufacturers’ products from China and other countries are inferior, and there are many complaints. On the other hand, Japanese manufacturers’ products are of high quality, so you can rest assured. It can be said that the greatest feature of Japanese products is the small number of defects such as initial defects and failures.

Reliable Japanese manufacturers are recommended

We recommend reliable Japanese manufacturers. It is designed and equipped with complete noise canceling, blocking noise, and some products are wireless depending on the brand and model, so you can rest assured. The key is to be gentle on your ears, and some types also come with a microphone and waterproof features. If you wear a lightweight headset, the left and right sound will be clear and it will be easier to make calls. Compact, easy to use, and well-balanced dedicated sizes are available. A unique model that attracts attention has been realized.


A global company that handles a variety of electrical equipment, including home appliances. Although the Walkman has a large presence, Sony products are diverse and also produce high quality earphones. Not only does it produce high-quality sound, but it also produces a noise canceling function that cuts out ambient noise. It is the largest company in the industry and has many popular products.

CompanySony Corporation
HeadquarterMinato-ku, Tokyo

Sony Product List


Founded in 1962, it is an electrical equipment manufacturer headquartered in Machida, Tokyo. We handle various products such as HDMI cables, headphone amplifiers, active speakers, AV selectors, microphone mixing amplifiers, founding items such as cartridges and phono equalizers. We also provide earphones that are highly evaluated by music lovers.

HeadquarterMachida, Tokyo

audio-technica Product List


A major computer peripheral manufacturer headquartered in Chuo-ku, Osaka. Although it is a computer equipment manufacturer, it is also producing audio equipment such as headphones, earphones, and speakers. Since there are many simple designs, it is recommended for those who are not particular about it and are looking for a handy earphone.

HeadquarterChuo-ku, Osaka

ELECOM Product List


It became known as JVC by merging with JVC KENWOOD in 2011. Although it is an electrical equipment manufacturer, it also develops high-end audio equipment. We handle many products such as audio, earphones, portable power supplies, and video / optical devices.

HeadquarterYokohama City, Kanagawa

JVC Product List

Onkyo & Pioneer

Formerly known as a separate manufacturer, the trade name was changed to Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation in 2015 due to the transfer of shares from Pioneer to Onkyo. The ONKYO and Pioneer brand names are used for each product.

CompanyOnkyo & Pioneer
HeadquarterHigashi Osaka City, Osaka

Onkyo & Pioneer Product List


YAMAHA is known all over the world as a comprehensive musical instrument manufacturer. However, in recent years, we have also developed and sold music classes and music equipment. We are working on all kinds of music related products, and we are very famous as a manufacturer of high quality products.

HeadquarterHamamatsu City, Shizuoka

YAMAHA Product List


Panasonic is the largest electrical equipment manufacturer in Japan. Originally we make home appliances, but in recent years we have also developed and sold music equipment. Development using high technology is progressing, and we are producing a large number of products.

HeadquarterKadoma City, Osaka

Panasonic Product List


TDK is a Japanese electrical equipment manufacturer. We are a company that deals with recording devices and electronic parts, but in recent years we have also developed and sold music equipment.

HeadquarterChuo-ku, Tokyo

TDK Product List


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