[Audio Player] iPod Touch vs Walkman Which is better? Function and history


The iPod Touch is an Apple product that was a huge hit in the 2000s and is also available exclusively for smartphones. The Walkman, on the other hand, is an audio player that has been a big hit since the 1900s. Although it has become possible to listen to music on smartphones these days, the demand for portable audio players will not go away. The question that arises is whether an iPod or a Walkman is better. Which one has better sound quality? We looked into the differences in performance and recommendations.

What is iPod Touch?

iPod Touch is a portable media player of the iPod series developed by Apple. Currently the 7th generation in 2019 is the latest model, and the next 8th generation is being developed? maybe. As you can see from the table below, all iPods are discontinued except the iPod Touch. Apple Watch and iPhone are now the main products of Apple Inc. It uses the technology cultivated in the iPhone, has the feature that the number of physical buttons is as small as possible, and most of the operations are performed by touching the screen, and it is possible to operate intuitively.

iPodBuilt-in hard disk type. Discontinued in September 2014.
iPod miniSmaller and lighter than the original iPod. Discontinued in September 2005.
iPod shuffleA type specialized for shuffle playback. Discontinued in July 2017.
iPod nanoA series that is even smaller than the iPod mini. Discontinued in July 2017.
iPod touchIt has a user interface with a full touch panel, and it is possible to browse the web via wireless LAN and add applications.

What is a Walkman?

The Walkman is a portable audio player developed by SONY in 1979. At that time, it was a cassette tape Walkman, but it continues to the present through CD Walkman and MD Walkman. Today’s Walkman has diversified functions and is very easy to use. The difference from the iPod Touch is that many models are on sale. The biggest merit is that you can choose your favorite design and function.



It is easier and more convenient to use it than a computer and listen to high-resolution sound sources with apps such as Android, but other than that, it is of course inferior to computers such as Apple in terms of battery capacity. Although they are expensive, both are easier to manage than PCs and more people are purchasing them because they match people’s daily lives. What kind of history does each have? Nowadays, the main body has a camera, and the digital size is smaller than a PC, so more and more people are choosing not to use a PC, regardless of price, ease of use, etc.

iPod Touch

The first generation was announced on September 5, 2007 as a touch screen device with the phone and short message service features removed from the original iPhone. The 2nd generation was announced on September 9, 2008 with the 4th generation iPod nano, with new volume control buttons and speakers. The third generation, announced with the iPod nano on September 9, 2009, has faster CPU / GPU, doubled main memory, and faster processing for both 32 GB and 64 GB models. The 4th generation was announced on September 2, 2010, and added a lot of hardware that came to be installed in iPhone 4, such as the Apple A4 processor and 3-axis gyro sensor. The 5th generation was announced on September 12, 2012, adopting a dual-core A5 chip and having up to twice the processing capacity of the 4th generation, so the sound quality and image quality are better than the 4th generation. It is improving. The 6th generation was announced on July 15, 2015, with an “Apple A8” chip and the first iPod touch with his 64-bit architecture CPU. The 7th generation was announced in 2019, and the graphics performance has tripled and the communication performance has also improved.


In 1979, the first stereo cassette player “Walkman” was announced. A big hit with a memorable model that created a new lifestyle. The world’s first portable CD player appeared in the 1980s, and MD players also appeared in the 1990s. In the 2000s, it became possible not only to play existing music, but also to watch videos, listen to the radio, and receive and record 1Seg. It has become a device that allows you to easily enjoy music and TV broadcasting anywhere. The sound quality is also very close to the original sound.


iPod Touch

Music files are music files such as MP3 on iPod, and the amount of data per song is very light. There is no noise canceling function that eliminates ambient noise. The iPod does not support high resolution and can only reproduce the same level of sound quality as conventional sound sources. The advantage of iPod is that it does not require difficult operations and can be operated intuitively. iPod Touch is recommended for people who want to store a lot of music or who don’t need difficult operations.


With the Walkman, the file is in the format of FLAC, and on average it is about 40MB per song, which is heavier than the iPod. There is a noise canceling function. The Walkman is compatible with high resolution and can play music with fairly high sound quality. In addition to playing music, the Walkman can also receive and record radio and 1Seg. Those who are particular about sound quality should buy a Walkman.


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