[Audition] Can you become a singer even in your 40s or 50s? Examples of people who made their debut at the age of 40


To become a singer, you have to overcome very high hurdles. In Japan and South Korea, which are easily restricted by age, it is strict when you are in your thirties, but in other areas you are not subject to age discrimination. There are actually people in their 40s who are still artists. This article introduces an example of being an artist even in middle age. If you are middle-aged and want to be an artist, it may be worth reading. See the article below for information on how to become a singer and what to do.

Characteristics of people in their 40s and 50s who can become singers

Even in middle age, those who are singers have something in common. Most people keep playing music all the time. There are few exceptions and we are strengthening by continuing. And before I knew it, I was developing my abilities, and when I realized it, my talent was blooming. You must continue to be successful. As a human instinct, if there is no result, my heart will be broken and I will often quit. But successful people continue to work, no matter how unsuccessful they are. And at some point, the results suddenly come out.

It’s not impossible in Europe and America

This is by no means impossible in Europe and America. There are various reasons and purposes, but dreams can come true whether you are 40 or 50 years old. If possible, it is important to hold live performances, concerts, live music venues, sing videos, etc. frequently and seize opportunities. We will introduce information in a list of voices that have actually become singers through music activities. Even idols need to take action in order to make their debut as singers. To experience it, first try auditioning for people in the younger generation, such as those in their 20s, where there are no age restrictions. Even housewives can join an agency and develop their careers as singers. Band activities are possible at events regardless of genre.

Success 1: Sia

Sia is an Australian singer-songwriter. Born in 1975, she released her solo debut album from an Australian record company in the 1990s, but was dissatisfied with the record company’s promotion, and she signed to an independent record company. She was able to step into the world in earnest after her late 30s. She co-wrote with Ne-Yo in 2012, “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)”, which topped the UK singles chart. Her sixth studio album, “1000 Forms of Fear,” released in 2014, produced the world-famous hit single “Chandelier,” which finally blossomed 40 years before her.

Success 2: Scatman John

Scatman John is an American born in 1942. He became accustomed to jazz at the age of 14, and began playing the piano under the musical influence of John Coltrane and Charlie Parker, initially working as a jazz pianist at jazz clubs around South California. When he was over 50, his debut single “Scatman” began to be recorded, produced by Ingo Kyze and Tony Catagna. Initially, the single’s momentum wasn’t that great, but it gradually began to grow, eventually reaching the top of charts in most countries, with sales of around 6 million copies worldwide.

Success 3: Susan Magdalane Boyle

A singer born in England in 1961. She was born in the Scottish town of Blackburn as the youngest of nine siblings and was caring for her mother after his father died in 1997. She has a learning disability and has a history of being bullied by her classmates as well as teachers at school. Suddenly in 2009 she decided to become a singer on the advice of her mother. Susan participated in the first season of the third season of “Britain’s Got Talent”, a British amateur audition program broadcast on April 11, 2009. All three of her judges made their debut with a “Yes” tag and her best compliment. She made her major debut at the age of 47.

Success 4: Sixto Rodriguez

An American musician born in 1942. Although he was born in the United States, he has little track record in the United States. He released two record albums in the 1970s. However, it was hardly sold and disappeared. After that, his song became a hit in South Africa. The pirated record sold 500,000 copies, and the song “Sugar Man” gained enthusiastic support as a song symbolizing anti-apartheid. Rodriguez, who worked as a manual worker in Detroit and supported his family, became a huge hit as a musician after more than 30 years. This movie-like story has actually become a movie.

Success 5: Seasick Steve

An American blues musician. Born in 1941, he has worked as a musician and recording engineer in the United States and Europe since the late 1960s. When he was in 2004 he released his 1st album on an indie label (63 years old). At that time, I was in my 60s, but I was still indie. He became popular when he appeared as Seasick Steve in Jools Holland’s annual Hootenanny at the end of 2006. He won the 2007 MOJO Award for Best Breakthrough Act and performed at major British festivals such as Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury. With this achievement, he moved to a major label in 2008 and made his major debut. He has released on Polydor / Fiction Records.

Success 6: Lee Dorsey

Born in Louisiana, USA in 1924. He was a professional boxer in Portland when he was 10 years old. He returned to New Orleans in 1955. In 1961 he signed with Fury Records. Under the production of Allen Toussaint, he recorded “Ya Ya” and topped the R & B chart. By this time, it was already 40 years ago. Transferred to Amy Records in 1965. “Ride Your Pony”, “Get Out Of My Life, Woman” etc. became hits.


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