[Audition] To become a singer: Career path and decision Should I go to vocational school or university?


The job description of a singer does not require any qualifications or academic background, and it is important to be introduced to the singer in order to aim for the future, rather than enrolling in a vocational school. It is very difficult for her to become a singer. It takes a very long time to become a singer, and it is highly unlikely that she will suddenly make her professional debut tomorrow. As a result, most people go through a period of training and struggle every day, but many of them are concerned about what career path they will take. Many people go to music schools or vocal vocational schools, and many people are concerned about which career path is the correct one.

Those who want to be a singer

People who want to become singers have certain things in common. People who fall under any of the following are people who want to become singers or people who have the aptitude to be a singer. Please refer to the article below for information on how to become a singer. When looking for a singer, singer-songwriter, voice actor, etc., it is important to make a debut at an event, perform well, and get noticed, just like in sports, rather than education. It is important to do activities that you like in the entertainment industry, gain experience, and learn. Music labels are worlds apart from agriculture, livestock, fisheries, animals, medical care, nursing care, planning, design, travel, finance, civil servants, etc.

There is no correct answer in the course

What kind of school should I attend to acquire the necessary skills as a singer? Many people think that, but in fact, for popular music singers, there is no correct answer. In general, many people attend music-related vocational schools and schools, but attending does not mean that they will succeed. In the case of popular music singers, it is the ability to mobilize the audience that is given preferential treatment over their ability. Record companies and productions are looking at how much they can get in return for investing in you. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the results will be obtained just because you went to school.

Aspiring opera singer

Anyone who wants to be an opera singer must have the ability. Basically, there is a restriction that you cannot use a microphone, and you need to acquire an overwhelming voice volume. For that purpose, it is recommended to study a wide range of basics of vocalization and music history at the vocal music departments of national universities and private universities, not at half-finished vocational schools. Opera singers are in a completely different direction from popular music singers. If you’re an opera singer, you don’t even have a chance to take the stage if you don’t have the ability. Since you can get a college degree, you also have the advantage of expanding your options for employment.

Current profession

If you become a singer someday, you will need to quit your current profession. But that’s just a matter of making a decision when you actually become a professional. Her current profession should continue, at least until she actually makes a contract. It means that if you are a student, you will continue to study, and if you are an employee, you will continue to work. In the world of music, chances often come when you don’t think of it, and suddenly. Think about what to do with your current job when you actually get a chance.

The location in the city is very advantageous.

There are many people who aim to become talents, performers, singers, and actors from all over the country, including Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai, Hokuriku, Chugoku, Kyushu, Okinawa, and Osaka. However, the place with the most opportunities to sing is overwhelmingly Tokyo. It is more important to stand on stage than to study in open campus courses such as dance or engineering. In the industry, there are many high school vocalists who are active in songs and earn income. Techniques are important in a music professional business, but depending on the environment in which you go to college, you may end up wasting your time, so be careful. Depending on the field, such as classical music, knowledge may be required, so it depends on the field. In entertainment, it is more important to catch the attention of producers than to pass the academy entrance exam.

The number of places is more important than the school

As mentioned above, in the case of pop music, it is more about the number of opportunities than knowledge and experience. The most important thing is to experience the sound work at concerts. Even when playing in a band, expression and motivation are more important than skills such as pop singing ability. Challenges are important to building a fulfilling career, so check out live events. Support is important in making dreams come true, but in order to do so, you need to be active naturally in a place where people can see you. Basically, for vocalists in the entertainment, video, and creative worlds, their track record and future prospects as a creator are more important than their academic background at a music university, regardless of genre.

Suspicious music training school

Generally, many aspiring singers attend music-related vocational schools and schools, but the reality is that there are many suspicious training schools. They may demand too much money to enter, force you to buy suspicious information products, or even forcefully solicit you into an unfamiliar religion. Please do not get involved in suspicious places. Don’t make a prompt decision, take it home and talk to your parents and friends. It is 100% fraudulent to request a prompt decision, so don’t be fooled.


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