Hermann harp: characteristics, price, and history of the modern musical instrument


Speaking of the harp, many people think that it is a musical instrument with a very old history, even if you look at the page on the official sales website. However, new species of harp are emerging. That is the Hermann harp. The Hermann harp is a new type of harp that appeared in Germany, and it is also a relatively recent instrument. Therefore, although it is not very well known, it is an instrument that is attracting attention.

Origin of musical instrument

The Hermann harp is a musical instrument that originated in Germany. The harp is used by everyone at concerts. It is a specialized instrument, and many first-timers learn it in classrooms around the country. It is an instrument that can be played and enjoyed in many ways. The melody can be expressed in a variety of ways, and can also be performed as an ensemble. The harp is in demand in society and often appears at live performances. Staff notation is easy and you will be able to express yourself well using real instruments.

About the price

Prices range from around 200,000 yen to around 1 million yen.

History of the Hermann Harp

The history of the Hermann harp is not that long. The Hermann harp appeared in 1987, and it is known that it appeared only recently. The inventor of the instrument was not a musician but a farmer. Hermann Feh, a farmer in Bavaria, had a son with Down syndrome. The Hermann Harp was developed for his son. The development of the Hermann Harp attracted attention in Germany, and in 1995, the Federal Republic of Germany awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. In 2011, he was awarded the Deutsche Bank ‘Germany, the Land of Inspiration’ award. Since the beginning of the 2000s, this harp has become more well-known and has spread to the United States and Japan. And manufacturers that handle Hermann harps have also appeared, and it is now possible to purchase them on sales sites. Sheet music dealing with the Hermann harp is now on sale.


Features of the Hermann Harp

The big point is that the Hermann harp is handmade by craftsmen. A semitone string is stretched on the soundboard, and there are sizes of S type, M type, and L type. What changes with this type is the length of the range. The S type is one and a half octaves, the M type is two octaves, and the L type is three octaves. Since the Hermann harp is a modern instrument, the sheet music is quite different. The Hermann harp is written with round jade notes connected by solid or dotted lines like constellations, so those who are accustomed to ordinary sheet music may be a little confused.

hermann harp music

Hermann harp tunes are very similar in tone to traditional harps, so they are well suited for genres such as classical music and healing.


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