[American Music Industry] What is the Grammy Award? Overview and Features Award Ceremony


The Grammy Awards are a music award ceremony sponsored by The Recording Academy that awards records by category. Artists are nominated based on albums, etc. The prestigious award is given to those who have created outstanding works and hit songs in the music industry. The Grammy Awards are considered a very prestigious award in the American music industry, and since the American music industry is also the top of the global music industry, many people say it is the most prestigious award in the world.

What is the Grammy Award?

The Grammy Awards are the music chapter hosted by The Recording Academy and were originally called the Gramophone Awards. In 1958, the name was changed to the Grammy Awards. Gramophone means gramophone, and it got its name from the fact that it used a gramophone at the time. This award is the most prestigious award in the American music industry, and works are selected by votes of the Recording Academy in 12 states in the United States. As a flow, the nominated works are selected as the first round. For the second time, the winner will be decided from among the nominated works.


The Grammy Awards trophy is shaped like a gramophone. This trophy is handcrafted by Billings Artworks in Colorado and in 1990 the trophy design changed.


The Grammy Awards in the United States are said to be the most prestigious awards in the world, and when you win this, the sales of the winning artists and their songs increase greatly. The interesting thing about this award is that even if it sells well, it doesn’t guarantee a Grammy nomination. There are so many times that even the number one song of the year fails to win an award.

Award Criteria

Grammy Awards are not only based on sales numbers or hit chart rankings. The artist’s track record, the charm of the song, and artistic elements are all taken into account before being selected.

Award category

The main categories of the best are the following four record categories, including the Best New Artist Award and the Best Album Award. The Newcomer of the Year award is selected based on hits, sales, and performance of singles and music videos, and there are also genres such as classical, pop, country, producer, songwriter, dance, instrumental, and recording. Grammy announcements are selected from a list of nominees. Some people appear continuously. Musicians who become stars of the music world gather to receive awards at live shows.

Album of the YearAwarded to album performers and production teams
Record of the YearAwarded to single performers and production teams
Song of the YearAwarded to the lyricist and composer of a single song
Best New ArtistAwarded to newcomers who have shown outstanding performance in the past year

For other awards, winners are determined by genre. There are currently 84 categories, so it’s a huge amount. There are also special awards for artists who have contributed to the music industry over the years. The main award categories are as follows.

  • POP category
  • Contemporary instrumental category
  • Rock category
  • Alternative category
  • R&B category
  • Rap category
  • Country category
  • New Age category
  • Jazz category
  • Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Category
  • Latin Music category
  • American Roots Music category
  • Reggae category
  • Global Music category
  • Children’s Music category
  • Spoken Word category
  • Comedy category
  • Musical category
  • Video/Film Music Category
  • Composition/arrangement Category
  • Package Category
  • Liner Notes Category
  • Historical Category
  • Production/Non-Classical Category
  • Classical category
  • Music video, visual category

Award ceremony

The Grammy Awards ceremony is held every February. Broadcast to the world using American media, you can also enjoy live performances by the winners. The number of viewers of the Grammy Awards ceremony continues to grow every year, and more than 28 million people are watching in real time. The Grammy Awards are now one of the most watched programs in the United States.


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