Electronic drums, Japanese drums: Roland’s taiko features, price, and history


The electronic taiko (taiko) is the world’s first “carrier” style electronic taiko drum from Roland that can be played and sold at stores. This is an electronic Japanese drum that includes a variety of drum tones, such as the Okedo Taiko, Nagadou Taiko, and Shime Taiko, and can be practiced by yourself using headphones. This is a very innovative instrument, and because the taiko is a very loud instrument, it was previously impossible to practice at home. However, from now on, you will be able to practice taiko at home.


This instrument was born in Japan. The size of the original product is extremely easy to hold, and you can easily produce a variety of sounds from the stand. You can purchase a wide range of Japanese drums with new products exclusively for Taiko. Customers should check the sound quality of the product to see if it can handle it before purchasing. Please check the service specifications before ordering a set of information or content on your own. The performance is accompanied by instruments such as the shinobue and koto.

About the price

Prices range from over 100,000 yen to several hundred thousand yen. You can practice by playing the music in the comfort of your own home in a quiet environment. It has batteries and can be recharged, so you can naturally control the volume. This audio product is recommended for shopping as it has a variety of functions.

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History of electronic drums

The electronic drum is a new musical instrument developed by Roland. Until now, taiko drums have been limited in practice areas due to the loud noises, and there was no doubt that complaints would come from the neighborhood when practicing in an apartment building. However, Roland developed the world’s first “carrying tub” style electronic Japanese drum and showed it at “CES 2020” and “The 2020 NAMM Show” in 2020. The electronic drum contains a number of drum sounds such as tub body drum, long body drum, and tightening drum, and when you hit it with a bee, the drum sound is played accordingly. Although it is quite expensive at the moment, it is expected that the price will be adjusted in the future. Taiko is a musical instrument peculiar to Japan, and although some people may not know it in foreign countries, it is a percussion instrument used in movies and dramas. It is expected that it will spread to the world in the future.

Features of electronic drums

The volume of the electronic drum can be adjusted, and you can enjoy it while wearing headphones by yourself. You can enjoy a large number of taiko drums because it contains a large number of taiko drums such as tub body taiko, long body taiko, and tub body taiko. The hitting sound is quiet and there is no need to worry about noise, so you can practice even in an apartment building. With a lightweight design of 4.5 kg, the main body can be disassembled and stored compactly, making it easy to carry. Therefore, it can be said that it is a more convenient instrument than a real drum. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth function that allows wireless connection with smartphones. Even the sound of the drum ringing is solid, and you will feel as if you were hitting a real drum. Since there are variations in sound, various expressions can be realized.


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