Cymbals: Characteristics, prices, and history of orchestral instruments Types of drums


Cymbals are now a percussion instrument used in European orchestras, but they originated in Turkey. The cymbals that have propagated from Turkey have evolved into a developed form and are now the cymbals. Cymbals are also used in pop drums and are now used in a variety of musical instruments and genres. Percussion instruments, which have become the centerpiece of Western music, are now widespread and used throughout the world.


This instrument was created in Europe. Depending on the occasion and role, machines are used, and the way the two sheets are stacked and struck differs. Basically, the sound quality changes depending on the playing method and expression, so it is recommended for bright, open and exciting rock and jazz. The way to use it is not to hit a long drumstick, but to make a sound by combining two sticks together. The styles are extremely diverse, allowing for rich expression and impact such as legato and sustain. It is a traditional musical instrument, and even when played by hand, it can be used in studios and live performances by taking advantage of its unique characteristics.

About the price

Prices range from around 10,000 yen to over 100,000 yen. Many are produced, and many people buy them together with sheet music. Many people also purchase items in categories such as snares. Equipment ranges from small and easy-to-use items such as 10 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches to larger and thicker items such as 22 inches, depending on how you choose. Usually, knowledge and experience are required in overall settings and pitch control.

Development company

There are currently many cymbal manufacturers in the world. Below is a list of major product manufacturer classifications as a reference basis. Examples include paiste, sabian, meinl, istanbul, and zildjian. We recommend choosing a wide range of models based on pitch and size. Some slightly unusual items such as ride cymbals have also appeared. Beginners can purchase and practice to create delicate expressions and effects in their performances. Generally recommended to purchase as a set.

Company nameCountryfeature
ZildjianTurkeyA cymbal maker with the largest market share in the world, its history goes back more than 380 years.
SABIANCanadaBorn in 1981, it has established itself as the world’s top brand in cymbal makers in about 20 years.
PAISTERussiaIt was founded in Russia in 1901, and has been relocating since then.
ISTANBULTurkeyIt is a manufacturer founded in Istanbul, Turkey, the birthplace of cymbals, by gathering cymbal craftsmen of K. Zildjian, whose factory was closed and there was no place to work.
MEINLGermanyIt is a German manufacturer that has been manufacturing a wide range of percussion etc. since 1951.
TurkishTurkeyA cymbal maker founded in Turkey by craftsmen independent of Istanbul.

History of cymbals

The cymbals are said to have changed from the musical instrument called “Kobachi”, which was originally used in Buddhist pujas, to the West. The cymbals were originally made of thinly stretched metal instruments throughout the Eurasian continent. After the Middle Ages, the prototype of the cymbal called Zil began to be used in the Ottoman Empire. This instrument spread all over Europe. Cymbals have come to be used in orchestras in modern Europe. Then, in the 19th century, when the method of stepping on the pedal and hitting the drum was invented, it was also applied to cymbals, and the hi-hat cymbal was born. As a result, cymbals have come to be used in popular songs, and they have rapidly become widespread. Since then, pop cymbals have been applied to various genres, and now cymbals are used in all genres.

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Characteristics of cymbals

Cymbals are a type of percussion instrument. A sound is produced by hitting two cymbals against each other. However, this is a cymbal used in classical music, not a pop drum cymbal. Each cymbal has a different tone depending on its weight, size and shape. What is used in an orchestra is a crash cymbal, which makes a sound by hitting two cymbals against each other. The Hi-hat cymbal is a cymbal mixed in a drum set, and the two cymbals face each other and are fixed to the stand. It is linked with the pedal, and the gap opens and closes by moving the pedal up and down. There is also a finger cymbal now. It’s bigger than a crash cymbal, and it’s just like a finger at the base. Put both hands here and rub the two together to make a sound.

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Types of cymbals

Even with the same carving sound, the accent, splash, etc. have different resonances depending on the performance. Varying from high to low sounds. There are also Chinese cymbals. They do not use sticks to beat like a drummer, but the volume and rhythm differ depending on the type and size. The longer you practice, the better your performance will be, and the more difficult you will be able to perform. I also use effectors etc.

Crash cymbal

Hi-hat cymbal

Finger cymbals


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