[Music genre] What is Cloud rap? Derivation of Hiphop


Do you know the derivative genre called Cloud rap? The history of hip-hop is still short, less than 100 years old, but the music industry is a fast-developing world, so many derivative genres have been born. It is true that there are many ambiguous genres that have appeared in such genre divisions. So what is this Cloud rap?

What is Cloud rap

This genre is a subgenre of hip hop music, a genre that features lo-fi sound effects in a hazy, relaxed sound. Cloud rap is a music genre that combines the three elements of “emo rap”, “chillwave” and “trap”. It could be called slow rap, but it has grown into a music genre with a strong presence even within electronic music. Cloud rap is a genre that derives heavily from the rap sounds and locales of the East Coast, West Coast and South of the United States. Cloud rap often uses looped samples from female singers to create a hazy sound and atmosphere. Cloud rap artists often sell their music through SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, etc., rather than using the sales force of record companies.

Cloud rap Music

History of Cloud rap

Cloud rap was born in Atlanta, Houston and Memphis in the late 2000s. The term “cloud rap” is used to describe lo-fi, hazy rap. Cloud rap with lo-fi and dreamy vibes can be heard on his 2001 cLOUDDEAD self titled his album. Producer Clams Casino later went on to pioneer Cloud rap in 2010 through his collaboration with Lil B. The compilation album consisted of songs that fall into the Cloud rap genre, and gained a lot of attention. Cloud rap has influenced other artists as well, coming to prominence in 2011 with the rapper’s debut mixtape for A$AP Rocky. He also has a strong Cloud rap taste.

A$AP Rocky became a superstar

New York rapper A$AP Rocky became a popular singer thanks to Cloud rap. He expanded his popularity with the hit single “Purple Swag”. After that, the single “Peso” became a hit, and he collaborated with popular producers and artists such as Clams Casino and Main Attackionz. His style is the epitome of Cloud rap. He’s the style that got the most attention from rap maniacs in the 2010s.

no excitement seen

However, after A$AP Rocky, the excitement of Cloud rap is not good enough. Some critics see Cloud rap as a declining sun. Compared to traps and drills, it doesn’t have as much influence, so it is expected that it will live quietly as a minor genre in the future. Cloud rap is not yet a popular genre worldwide.


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