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Not many people know the music called chiptune. This genre is very conscious of the game music of the 1900s, and is very popular in Japan. This music genre can be said to be a music genre unique to Japan, where the game culture flourished. As a genre, it is considered to be a derivative of techno pop.

What is chiptune?

Chiptune is music that is strongly conscious of the game music of the 1900s. A music genre born from the background music and sound effects of arcade games, Game Boy, and Famicom, the sound is fun and makes you feel nostalgic. Nowadays, there is music that imitates or incorporates its characteristic sounds and musical techniques, and it is one of the most popular genres. In the days of the Famicom and Game Boy, technology was low, and the number of sounds that could be reproduced at that time was small, and it had a very electronic feel to it. increase. The cheap tone makes chiptune sound unique.

Chiptune Music

Chiptune history

Chiptune is music that was born around the 1950s when digitalization began. In 1957, the world’s first computer music program was developed, and in 1961, the world’s first computer-generated speech synthesis of singing became possible. It is believed that this genre was gradually formed from the 1980s along with the spread of personal computers and home video game consoles. From the 1980s, not only games but also music began to attract attention, and game soundtracks began to sell. PCM sound sources began to spread in the 1990s, making it possible to reproduce realistic music. In the 2000s, software synths that synthesize the sound of 8-bit sound sources on a PC appeared, and this genre is further pushing its own path. Artists who continue to release chiptune songs and albums have also appeared.

famous artist


A Japanese music unit that mainly works on chiptunes. There are many genres such as bossa nova and 8bit sound sources that have a very strong sound that brings out the game. The album CD jacket is also drawn with a picture like a NES game character.


Japanese chiptune musician. This artist has a very strong electronica element. It is known for having a lot of music reminiscent of the Game Boy and the early Famicom.


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