Castanet: characteristics, price, and history of the ethnic musical instrument


Castanet is a musical instrument that is played as a percussion instrument in flamenco music by combining two pieces together. It is a famous percussion instrument used during Spanish dance performances. It is also popular in Italy and many countries in Latin America. The word castanet comes from the Spanish word “castaña”, which means “chestnut”. Castanets are said to have originated in the Phoenician period, and have been a musical instrument since BC. It is a standard instrument used in Spanish dances such as flamenco.


This instrument was born in Spain.

About the price

Purchasing castanet is highly recommended. The products are very cheap as you can buy them for as little as a few hundred yen. Prices vary depending on material and shape. It is an essential item for rhythm, and is used as percussion for drums and other instruments at concerts. The design is usually practiced by hitting two boards with a combination of red and blue. Use your left and right hands.

History of castanets

The origin of castanets is a percussion instrument dating back to the Phoenician era. At that time, it was larger than the size of today’s castanets, and is said to have evolved from the old Crotaro, which was made of metal, baked clay, or wood and was closed with strings or tape. Spain has developed the use of this instrument, becoming a property of Spanish culture. It is an indispensable instrument for Spanish folk music and is used for Spanish dance flamenco. It is actually a difficult instrument to play by moving your fingers finely. Since the beginning of the 17th century, castanets have been used for ballet performances and have been accompanied by orchestra performances. Modern orchestras use special castanets to help extract characteristic sounds without human intervention.


Features of castanets

Castanets are a body-sounding instrument in which a pair of pieces of chestnut wood shaped like a shell with a diameter of 7 to 8 cm are struck together. Castanets are played by moving your fingers finely. It is used for Spanish dance flamenco. There are also types used for education and children, and there are various types in modern times. Like small percussion instruments such as tambourines and triangles, castanets are widely used as educational instruments, so they are familiar to children. The general way to hit the castanets is to place or fix the castanets on the palm of your hand and then hit them with your other hand. On the other hand, when playing flamenco castanets, it is common to fix the castanets strings to the left and right thumbs and meet with the other four fingers, but it is common to express fine nuances such as tone and volume. It’s very difficult. It is often used in orchestras and brass bands, and recently there are various types of castanets, such as those with a “handle”, those fixed to a table, and those that can be attached to a stand to make it easier to hit.

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Castanets are musical instruments mainly used for Spanish folk music and orchestras.


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