[Netherlands: Record Label Audition] Armada Music: Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Arranger


Armada Music is an independent label with over 20 years of history. This company has a high profile in Europe, and many EDM artists belong to it. This label is very strong in electronic music, and the biggest feature is that many contemporary artists such as techno and house belong to it. Of course, you can also send a demo tape.

Armada Music

The label has many artists who are active in groups, and often releases new releases. Debut members often appear on news and programs, and fans have high expectations for them. It is a label that is attracting attention because it often appears on social media (twitter) and video distribution. According to official information, they often produce dance and pop music that has a big impact and creates a lot of buzz. A collection of visually outstanding artists.

NameArmada Music
LocationAmsterdam, Netherland
GenreEDM, Techno, House
URLHome Page

Label features

Armada Music was founded by three people, Armin Van Buren, Michael Pyron, and David Lewis, and the label name is named after the initials of these three names. Their musical taste is in the EDM and house lineage, so this label inevitably became EDM, techno, and house. Since the affiliated artists are from South Africa and the United States, there are various nationalities, so it can be said that there is a chance even for non-Dutch people.

demo tape audition

Armada Music is holding a demo tape audition. The demo tape itself is accepted at any time, and it is possible to apply by uploading the music file from the homepage. Also, this label has a lot of detailed explanations about the demo tape, so you should read this page as well.

How To Submit Music?

Also, as for how to apply for the demo tape, if you look at the above page, you can see that there is a notation “Drop Your Demo” on the lower right page. If you click here, you will be taken to the demo tape transmission screen, so you can apply by uploading the demo sound source file. There is no particular deadline, so it is a label that can be applied all year round. If you have confidence in your work, apply for it.

don’t get depressed

Basically, demo tape auditions have an unsuccessful rate of over 90%. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t get any response. If you don’t get a reply after a few months, please make another demo and apply. If I receive a reply, I will be interviewing. After discussing the mobilization power and activity policy for live performances, if it goes well, we will sign a contract.

famous artist

Armada Music is an independent label, but the artists who belong to it have moved to major labels, so this label will be positioned like a gateway to success. Therefore, in order to become famous, I think it is possible to challenge this label. We will introduce famous artists.

Armin van Buuren

He is a famous Dutch DJ. The label’s founder has won numerous awards. DJ Mag has rated him pretty well and has been number 1 DJ 5 times in 4 consecutive years.

Ferry Corsten

DJ from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Producing a wide range of electronic music genres, he is quite well known in Europe. He has become popular due to his active participation in events and festivals around the world.

Super8 & Tab

A duo of a Finnish producer and DJ. This duo has produced a large number of songs, and has already released dozens of works, including remixes.


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