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Not many people know the country of Tanzania in Africa. Although Tanzania has a famous resort area called Zanzibar, it is not a top-level developed country in Africa. But here in Tanzania, a musical revolution is taking place. A new genre of music called Singeli has exploded in popularity.

What is Singeli?

Singeli is a derivative version of dance music that originated on the east coast of Tanzania. It is said to be the latest type of super-fast African dance music, characterized by its fast tempo. In Dar es Salaam, the economic center of Tanzania, this music has become popular. This genre is often a mixture of other genres such as Taarab, bongo flava, mchiriku, etc. It has become established in the streets of Dar es Salaam and other parts of Tanzania, and more than 66% of Tanzanians know this music. In the 2020s, many artists have appeared in many parts of Africa, and they have also appeared at various events. It is a popular music that is said to be popular all over Africa from now on.



Taarab is a musical genre of coastal Africa. The elements of Arab and Indian music are very strong, and the impression of ethnic music is strong. It is a genre in which indigenous instruments appear here and there.

Bongo flava

Based on US hip-hop, African rap music incorporating reggae and R&B. It is a genre in which indigenous instruments appear here and there.


A traditional ritual in Tanzania, music using musical instruments that appear in this traditional event. Many traditional East African musical instruments will appear.

History of Singeli

Singeli is said to be music born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, probably around 2010. First of all, this music became popular on the streets, and artists who performed on the streets were born. Singeli later spread to the eastern coast of Tanzania, and eventually spread throughout Tanzania. Singeli is now played on radio and television, and Tanzanian weddings, events, and celebrations use this Singeli music. Currently, 66% of Tanzanians know this music, and in the 2020s, the genre will be known to other African regions.

famous artist

Singeli originates from Africa. The bpm is a little slow, and the labels that release music are mainly from Africa such as Uganda. There are MCs and bands, and the scene has become a hot topic even in the capitals of various countries. The beat of the track is unique and the album is the most popular at festivals. They play a huge role in the lives of Africans and occupy a large part of their lives.

Msaga sumu

African artist who popularized Singeli. He is said to be a pioneer of Singeli, and his music was played on the streets, but it gradually became popular, and his style of dancing and singing freely became popular among young people, and his popularity spread. did.


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