Electric guitar, acoustic guitar: Zemaitis features, price, history


Zemaitis is a guitar brand owned by Kanda Shokai Co., Ltd. in Japan. Zemaitis guitars are not limited to electric guitars, we also manufacture acoustic guitars. We also manufacture 12-string models, and many of them look good. Zemaitis is a guitar brand founded in the United Kingdom, and its biggest feature is body material. The body top uses solid Sitka spruce, which removes excess water and minerals by applying heat in a vacuum state when it is a plate material, and sapele is used for the sides and back.


This instrument was created in England. Modern molds are large, detailed, and powerful. In addition, new effectors and amplifiers are also being released.

About the price

Price information ranges from around 50,000 yen to around 1 million yen. The body and top are made of aluminum alloy plate, and based on this, new mahogany necks and other expensive materials are used, and the price changes depending on the grade. It matches the rock style and has been adopted. There are many carefully selected models compared to other manufacturers such as Pearl. It looks good, you can switch the tone, and there are many colors available.

Development company



Tony Zemaitis 1935-2002

Tony Zemaitis was born in London in 1935. He worked as a cabinet maker. Tony Zemaitis began his guitar making career in the mid-1950s. He began his five-year apprenticeship as a furniture craftsman in 1951. He repaired his first guitar in 1952 and made the first guitar. Tony Zemaitis was a guitarist. In the 1960s, Zemaitis produced 12-string guitars for prominent musicians such as Ralph McTell, Spencer Davis, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix. Tony Zemaitis died in 2002, but the value of his guitar continued to rise.


The history of Zemaitis begins in the 1950s when furniture craftsman Tony Zemaitis sells his own folk guitars to his friends. He started making guitars by himself, but as he made one by one, his unique design and production technique leveled up, until he was noticed in the London music scene. Grow to Ronnie Wood’s love of “disc front” made his popularity and recognition decisive and became the coveted collector of the world. The guitar that Tony himself made is called “Vintage Zemaitis” and has become a favorite instrument and heirloom for artists and collectors. Tony Zemaitis died in 2002, but since then Kanda Shokai has inherited the brand and is developing new products.

Features of Zemaitis

While following the shape of traditional electric guitars, Zemaitis guitars are made with original designs, including body shapes, head shapes, and metal parts such as bridges and tailpieces. The representative model “METAL FRONT” has a single metal plate on the top of the body. DISC FRONT is an original shape of 3 humbuckers and a unique arrangement of controls. These shapes have reached the stage of completion as an original musical instrument design. The appearance of Zemaitis is characterized by its luxurious decoration, and the body top that draws a gentle curve is adopted for all models.

Zemaitis Model


A chambered design superior with one chamber on the bass string side and five chambers on the body end.

Pearl Front

It is a jewel-like model with white butterflies, yellow butterflies, and avalon shells spread neatly on the body top. It is also called “shell top” because it uses shells for the top.

Metal Front

A model with an appearance reminiscent of medieval armor, with a metal plate screwed to the top of the body.


The model name means “custom shop”, “24 fret specification” and “metal front”, and “FR4C” indicates the engraving design.


It is a model with a unique body shape that stands out.


A dignified model with a shell inlay on the outer circumference of the body top.


A model that uses an “open type” humbucker that does not have a pickup cover like this unit, in order to make the most of the straight sound.

Disc Front

This model is famous for using Ronnie Wood, with a duralumin disk attached to the center of the body of the original shape.


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