[Audio] History and features of wireless headphones


Wireless headphones are less well known than wireless earphones. However, it is free from troublesome cables and can be used very comfortably. You can enjoy music comfortably with a wireless connection via Bluetooth. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about disconnection. On the downside, wireless headphones don’t yet have a high-end model, so people who listen to high-quality music may be a little dissatisfied.

What are wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones are headphones that do not require a cord connection and can receive and listen to audio data transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, infrared, etc. Also known as wireless headphones. Digital products are being equipped with an increasing number of functions due to technological innovations by manufacturers. Drivers and band members can wear them in their ears without stress. There are many brands now, completely diverse in design, interchangeable, and even come with a microphone. We are evolving and realizing the ideal service.


History of wireless headphones

Headphones originated from a type of cable broadcasting called Electrophone that began to be used in the United Kingdom from around 1890 to around the 1920s. Electrophones, which deliver music to homes using telephone lines, which were popular at the time, made it possible to enjoy music at home for the first time.

Nathaniel Baldwin, an electrician in Utah, USA in 1910, succeeded in developing the prototype of modern headphones. The U.S. military, who cares about this with the quality that can hear the sound clearly even in the noise, uses it on the battlefield.

In 1958, John Kos of the United States released headphones for listening to music. Kos headphones dominated the market.

And in the 2000s, wireless headphones appeared. Wireless headphones are not wired, so there is no hassle.

Features of wireless headphones

The advantage of wireless headphones, like the advantages of wireless earphones, is that you are freed from the hassle of cables. There will be no troubles such as getting entangled in the bag like before, and in the worst case, disconnection.

Wireless headphones need to check the codec. All Bluetooth devices support a codec called “SBC”, as well as “AAC”, which is mainly used in Apple products, and “aptX”, which is used in Android products. It is directly related to sound quality and delay.

The sound quality becomes higher as the caliber indicating the size increases. Different types have different sound tendencies and should be checked before purchase.

Charging is also an important point for wireless headphones. We recommend products with a large capacity battery that can be used continuously for several tens of hours. Naturally, products with a short charging time and a long playback time are preferable.

Wireless headphone products

The world’s first wireless headphone products are also being developed by Japanese manufacturers and companies. It also supports analog and stereo audio, making it famous as a portable headset. The unit is a medium with dynamic features and is lightweight and has common features. In addition, a type has been created that has noise canceling technology, making it a new acoustic speaker that can be installed. Of course, the conditions have been improved so that you can hear the sound with one ear.

We have compiled a comparison of the most popular sets below. It has a noise canceling function and can be used for both professional and personal use. Every manufacturer has a dedicated department established within their business, and each has a set of systems tailored to their listening needs. It has been developed and adapted to be heard not only on conventional radio but also on mobile.









Panasonic RP-HF410B




Philips TAH5255



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