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EDM is a genre that became major in the music scene in the 2000s and is popular all over the world. EDM is often produced as desktop music in most cases, and the music that DJs often play at live venues is EDM. Dance music using electronic instruments has a surprisingly long history, and its prototype already existed in the late 1900s.

What is EDM?

EDM is an abbreviation for “Electronic Dance Music”. A lot of the music is made with sounds produced using synthesizers, and there are a lot of songs for dance. For that reason, creators who use sequencers often make music. Artists not only compose and produce music, but also often perform at live venues as DJs themselves. EDM is said to be one of the most successful music genres in the world in the 2000s. The genre has permeated Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Electronic Dance Music


EDM is a representative of electronic music, but the genre of electronic music already existed in the 1900s. In the 1970s, there was disco music, and it was produced with waveform editing software. In the 1980s, big beats became popular. EDM was born out of these influences. In the 2000s, it spread rapidly around the world, mainly in the United States and Europe. It is said that Daft Punk and Tiësto are probably the big ones that exploded in popularity. It attracted attention by being played live at the Olympic Games.

EDM became even more popular in the 2010s, and many artists aspiring to this lineage have appeared. ZEDD and Avicii were the leading figures, and EDM became the mainstream genre of dance music for artists of this era. Even in the 2020s, EDM is still on the top of hit charts, and its momentum never stops. Perhaps it will decline someday, but there are still no signs of its popularity waning.

famous artist

When it comes to electronic dance music, we’ll introduce a list of artists who are famous for their techno, trance, house, and club music. The songs released are all famous ones. It is also used at festivals. This category has been featured in the news a lot lately, including david guetta, calvin harris, and afrojack. Music that mixes electronic sounds, such as new dubstep, trap, and electro, is also increasing.

The Chainsmokers

American music group. One of the artists representing the American music world in the 2010s. He has produced many number one songs on the US charts and has been nominated for a Grammy Award. He was also nominated for Best Electronic Artist at the Billboard Music Awards.

Martin Garrix

Famous Dutch producer and DJ. He is also an artist who has achieved success in many countries and is one of the famous artists of the late 2010s and 2020s.


Music producer from Russia. He is also a songwriter and DJ. He is a Grammy Award winner and immigrated to Germany soon after he was born. Although he was initially in a rock band, he discovered dance music and churned out his hit songs.


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