[Audio Player] History and modern performance of Walkman Sony products


Are you a Walkman sect? Or is it a smartphone group? In the old days, smartphones did not exist. Twenty or thirty years ago, the Walkman was the norm. But now, with the advancement of hardware, the demand for Walkman has decreased significantly. However, there are still many people who love the Walkman. Why is that? It talks about the history of the Walkman and now.

What is a Walkman?

This is a portable stereo audio device that combines a small playback-only music player with small headphones. After the first Sony released it in 1979, many models were developed, and it was a device that was widely supported by young people in the late 1900s. Over time, Walkmans became commonplace devices in ordinary households, and models with recording and radio reception functions also appeared, and the Walkman began to diversify. Since the era of successive cassettes and radio-cassette players, new products for CDs and MDs, led by Sony, have been created. The chronology of the Walkman series begins here.

Walkman history

The Walkman is a portable cassette tape player released by Sony in 1979. At that time, it was still called a cassette. With the advent of the Walkman, a new culture of “carrying music around and easily enjoying it” was born. Digital production has begun, and the time has come for Walkman stands to be listed in stores. Sony is also famous in Japan, and it was later introduced in the market. I got used to the lifestyle environment.

The world’s first portable CD player first appeared in the United States in the 1980s. The appearance of the compact disc shocked the world. The design is innovative and sales are brisk. It became a memorable issue that replaced cassette tapes. Various brands have been born from overseas and are now being distributed to domestic companies. It will be covered in the news and press. The number of compatible series that can be started depending on your style and conditions will increase.

In the 1990s, more advanced ones appeared. It’s an MD player. With the advent of devices that can play MD, which is a minidisc, it has become even smaller and easier to carry.

In 1999, the new Memory Stick Walkman was introduced. You can now record content from music distribution services to a memory stick by connecting it to a computer. For the first time, music could be played with the touch of a button, and it was initially quickly adopted by all generations. It’s also smaller than a record, so it’s very mobile and easy to carry around. After that, it becomes a medium that can be enjoyed in business as well.

In the 2000s, the number of Walkmans that could reproduce music close to the original sound was designed and increased. Walkmans are now available that can realize high-quality sound and high-picture technology. It became popular and a hit, and it was convenient for young people to download and listen to, as well as carry it with them.The sound was greatly improved and it was made smaller. The era of personal use not only at home but also on the go has begun in earnest.

Hardware evolution

In recent years, the evolution of hardware has been very rapid, and excellent and unexpected breakthrough products are being produced every year. Nowadays, smartphones are coming out, and since all the functions such as telephone, chat, music, and watching videos are integrated, there is also the fact that no one uses the Walkman. What kind of people are still using the Walkman?


Unlike smartphones, the Walkman’s functions are specialized for music playback. For that reason, people who are simple and easy to use tend to prefer the Walkman. If you just want to listen to songs, the Walkman, which is easy to operate, is ideal.

new products

In modern society, epoch-making new products are born one after another. There are many people who reject new things. The Walkman is recommended for such people. It has existed for a long time, and since it is simple to operate, it can be operated without a manual.

separate the phone from the music

For some people, the phone is a smartphone and the music is a music-specialized device. Such people tend to love the Walkman. The stronger the commitment, the more this tendency can be seen.

Current Walkman

The current Walkman is surprisingly full of features. For those who are worried, it may not be a bad idea to buy a modern Walkman.

  • Full noise canceling
  • Has Bluetooth function
  • Has an external sound capture function
  • Large capacity
  • Sound quality close to the original sound


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