Victor Entertainment Audition: Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Arranger About recruiting talent for future artists


Victor Entertainment is one of the major Japanese labels that discovers future talent through music project recruitment. It is a fairly old company in Japan with a history second only to Japan Columbia. The artists are also quite famous, and you can clearly see the strength of this label. Victor is always accepting auditions, so it is a record company that we can recommend to anyone who wants to become a professional.

Victor Entertainment

Being a major label, each song by a talented artist is signed and discovered every day. If you sign a contract with us, we will provide support and management for you, such as appearances and live performances on on-air radio programs in the city, with a huge amount of funding. In most cases, anyone is eligible, and minors will need parental consent to enter. There are opportunities from Hokkaido to the Tokyo metropolitan area, Tokai, Kansai, and Kyushu. There are also grand prizes and auditions with cash prizes.

NameJVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp
Location2-21-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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all genres

Victor Entertainment is a very large record label and dabbles in many genres. Since the artists they work with span a wide range of genres, this is a record label that can be recommended to any applicant. Furthermore, since it is a major label, it has strong advertising power and has a chance to become famous all at once. It can be said that this is a record label that is recommended for those who are considering music activities in Japan. It is easy to increase your name recognition as you can receive videos on radio and television, as well as be featured in magazines. Fans will also follow.

Call for demo tapes

Victor Entertainment has a constant recruitment audition without a deadline. There is no genre designation, and the application method is also accepting both the web and mail. However, applications are limited to those who do not belong to a specific record company, music publisher, or production company. Also, you cannot apply for the audition of this label by sending data directly or using a file sharing service. The work is uploaded to the site and the address is sent. Parental consent is also required for minors.

Demo Submission

Victor Entertainment’s audition will be an interview after passing the document screening, so it is necessary to appeal firmly. If you pass the interview, you will be able to join. However, in most cases, you will fail the document screening, so let’s review the demo sound source and apply again. Also, if you have a track record in your profile, it would be better to describe it well. If you have an audience, record companies will bite you.

beware of fraud

Since Victor Entertainment is a big record label, there are many scammers pretending to be the label. Beware of solicitations by scammers. If you’re an employee of Victor Entertainment, your email address should have a company-specific domain. If it’s a free email or a completely irrelevant domain, it’s most likely a scammer. Fraud occurs in the following cases:

request for money

Most scammers ask for money. Victor Entertainment will never charge money for auditions. Also, even if you pass the exam and become a member, we will not charge you any money for the affiliation. Since Victor Entertainment is a major label, we do not ask artists for money. If you are asked for money, please check directly with Victor Entertainment. You will know if it is fake.

Collection of personal information

Some scammers collect personal information. This is an unscrupulous business that collects personal information and sells it to third parties, and is not an employee of Victor Entertainment. If you are the one who asks for personal information profusely, please doubt whether it is an employee. As stated on the audition page, the company does not disclose or provide any personal information to third parties.


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