Music addiction: Symptoms, tendencies, and personality of people with hearing loss


Headphones and earphones are daily necessities for modern people. Modern people are placed in an environment where they can listen to music at any time, and the society is prone to hearing loss, especially for those who like music. As I introduced in the article below, many people with deafness, especially young people, may become seriously ill when they notice it. This time, I’m writing about the symptoms that occur when you have deafness.


Below is a list of symptoms that occur when you have hearing loss. Please be careful if more than one applies. In that case, please consult a doctor immediately. It may be that you need immediate treatment. When you listen to it, your brain is always looking for stimulation, and psychologically you become aware that you can’t stop all day long. If you’re addicted to listening, you’ll feel anxious even during the test.

  • I can’t hear the conversation
  • There are many mistakes in listening
  • I don’t notice being called from behind
  • It is said that the voice is loud
  • I do not notice the approach of the car at all
  • Living in a noisy place
  • Very loud when listening to music

Life of people with deafness

People with hearing loss tend to: If any of these apply to you, please reevaluate your lifestyle. For example, you need to change your current situation by spending more time in silence, creating a quiet environment, and spending more time in that place. Recently, there have been many trends that have become problematic. My heart becomes anxious, and before I know it, I have nothing to rely on other than music, and the next step is to feel like I’m addicted.

  • People working in live houses and concert halls
  • I listen to music loudly every day
  • Living in a noisy place
  • I play an instrument at a loud volume every day
  • Computer volume, TV volume, speaker volume are always loud

Personality of people with deafness

People with deafness tend to: There is a good chance that you will have deafness if some of these are true. If you have any symptoms, review your life.

  • People who like music very much and like loud sounds
  • People who like a lively environment
  • People who have a hobby or work playing musical instruments
  • Vocal music is a hobby or work person
  • People working in a music studio

Types of deafness

There are several types of deafness.

Headphones / earphones Deafness

Deafness caused by listening to loud music using headphones or earphones. A common symptom for people who love music. Deafness caused by exposure to strong vibrations such as explosions and loud sounds at live venues. Young people are more likely to get the disease, and people who are always listening to loud music are more likely to get it.

Sudden deafness

Sudden deafness is often a disease in which one ear (rarely both ears) suddenly becomes inaudible or hard to hear. It is especially common among working people in their 40s and 60s, and it tends to be more common among women, and it is said that it has been increasing in recent years.

Modern illness

Deafness can be said to be a modern human illness in a modern society where music can be listened to at any time. As a preventive measure, avoid listening to music for a long time at a volume that makes your ears hurt, and if you have a disease such as labyrinthitis, treat it immediately. After listening for about an hour even at normal volume, take a break. The number of people with deafness is increasing rapidly worldwide.


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