Why does music stop automatically on smartphones and iPhones? : Cause and Solution


Smartphones, iPhones, have become one of the necessities of life for people today. When listening to music on the iPhone, it is common for the song to stop. There’s a reason why the music stops for some reason, even though you’ve been enjoying yourself. I will show you how to fix the reason why music playback stops on its own.

Reasons why music playback suddenly stops

I would like to introduce the most common causes of troubles such as not being able to listen to music on your smartphone, so I hope you find this helpful. Apple’s iOS, Android, etc. may be the cause of Apple Music stopping automatically. Below is a list of possible information, including screen functionality and download issues. Let’s see if we can solve it. Apple iPads and smartphones are supported by the manufacturer, so let’s ask. These include power, battery, audio volume not being turned on, OS version, etc. You can also check if audio support is enabled by tapping on the device management screen page. In some cases, the product may need to be replaced depending on the condition.

Zero playback volume

First, check the volume of your smartphone. Please check if the volume is set to zero. If the media playback volume is set to zero, you will not hear the music at 100%. Since there are many cases where this is unexpectedly caused by incorrect operation, etc., it is recommended to check frequently.

Compatibility with earphones

There are cases where the volume becomes zero when earphones are set. In addition to that, most smartphones automatically turn the sound to zero if you remove the earphones from your smartphone while listening to music using earphones. If you can’t listen to music on your smartphone because of your earphones, first check if you can hear it with other earphones. If you plug and unplug the earphones, try restarting and even check the volume settings.

Bluetooth glitch

Since Bluetooth communicates with radio waves, it may stop working due to interference. This can cause the music to stop. Check to see if there are any electrical appliances around you. There are many cases where there are many things that transmit radio waves, such as TVs and computers, and they are affected.

music app problem

If the music stops on your iPhone, it may be an app problem. Problems may occur due to system problems in the app. Problems may occur during updating. If it doesn’t improve after trying restarting, etc., we recommend that you try reinstalling.


Music sometimes suddenly stops when using Siri. Because Siri responds to music, the music can suddenly stop. In this case, you need to change Siri settings. Try turning Siri off and listening to music. If you change the settings and the music still doesn’t work, you may want to try rebooting.

Malfunction of smartphone

It is also possible that the smartphone is defective. If you suspect a malfunction on the smartphone side, you have no choice but to replace it. If you see signs that your smartphone has slowed down or stopped working, there is a high probability that it will be broken. First, go to a smartphone shop and repair or replace it.

music file is broken

If you buy and listen to music from a download site, the music file may become corrupted even if you can listen to it normally at first. We recommend that you re-insert the music file. If you try playing the app from the background and can’t hear it even with earphones, this may be the case.


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