Silent guitar: YAMAHA features, price, and history


Silent guitar is a guitar that you can practice at home, on the road, or in the studio. Since it can be practiced at any time and place, it is widely distributed as a practice guitar. Soundproofing problems are inevitable when practicing guitar at home, but silent guitars don’t have to worry about it. YAMAHA’s silent guitar celebrated its 20th anniversary in December 2021. This long-used guitar is very popular with players.


This instrument was born in Japan. Many people, even beginners, use the new model of Yamaha, and there are no complaints or regrets. We recommend purchasing the new model along with an amplifier, effector, tuner, and headphones. The main unit is equipped with many functions, and you can adjust the volume while playing. There are also videos available online, so please refer to them. The product service and support are also solid.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen. Looking at the information, prices vary depending on built-in features such as power supply, neck and bridge. Since it is a Yamaha sound, the tone, reverb, sound quality, and design are also high quality. In fact, it feels more authentic than other brands, so I recommend it over other acoustic guitars. Since it is electric, you can adjust the volume and record, play, and use it even at night.

Development company


Silent Guitar Product List

History of silent guitar

YAMAHA’s silent guitar was released about 20 years ago. At that time, there were people who had difficulty practicing at home because of the loud noise that was a problem with both electric and acoustic guitars. There were already silencers, but some were less effective, which bothered guitarists. Since the release of the first model, the nylon string specification “SLG100N”, various silent guitar models have been on sale. In 2021, Silent Guitar celebrated its 20th anniversary. This guitar, which is supported by many guitarists including professional artists, is expected to have new models in the future. It has come to be used not only in Japan but all over the world

Features of silent guitar

Silent guitar is a guitar developed with the concept of “anytime, anywhere”. It is a guitar that allows you to practice anywhere and anytime, making it a very ideal practice guitar. Silent guitars are designed so that the live sound of the instrument is not loud. Originally, the sound of the guitar is loud because the string vibration is resonated with the body and amplified. On the other hand, the silent guitar has a body with no top or back, only the frame, and is designed to eliminate the resonance part. Silent guitars only pluck the strings. Many people say that guitars suffer from “placement problems” in addition to sound problems, but silent guitars are thinner than ordinary acoustic guitars, and can be stored compactly by removing the frame on the bass side. increase.

Silent guitar model


A silent guitar with the feel of a standard classical guitar.

SLG200NW Product List


It is a silent guitar of YAMAHA’s acoustic guitar.

SLG200S Product List


This is a silent guitar designed for players who normally use steel string guitars to use in bands and recordings.

SLG200N Product List


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