[Singer, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Band] Is music work rewarding?


I would like to introduce information about the rewarding aspects of my favorite music career. There are people who are active in the world of music in various forms, such as singers, composers, arrangers, and even duos and bands. Being a professional musician seems like a very fun and dreamy job, but surprisingly, it’s not really that way. Since I am doing music as a business, there is a gap between what I want to do and what I actually do.

No qualifications required for music work

For your information, no qualifications are required to work in music. Services include media, sales, clerical work, planning, support, and school instructors, which are most likely to be support-type jobs, and are full-time employees with stable annual income and preferential treatment depending on experience. However, on-site work such as systems, production, technology, and recording is popular, the annual income is unstable, and there is little support, and it is completely commission-based. Skills are the only thing that companies are looking for when getting a big job. Opportunities exist in the acoustics field in a variety of ways, both operationally and on-site. Check them out if you want to be a voice actor or artist in the art world. When you become famous, you have a chance to appear in concerts and TV programs.

There are also creative job opportunities available.

There are also creative job opportunities available. If you are a manufacturer of games, etc., you may have full-time employees such as sound creators. It’s a lot of work to produce music scores, but I also manage outsourced work. The contract is full-time, so it’s more stable than if you were to get some work done on your own. Although it is a specialized and highly competitive job, it has a promising future. You can also gain experience as an engineer and generally advance your career. Depending on the evaluation, you can also aim for a management job.

musician as a business

In order to survive as a musician, there is a constraint that you have to live in the market. Therefore, it is not so if you can become a musician and do whatever you want. There are countless professional players who quit being musicians because of the many restrictions. As long as we are doing business, there will always be a gap between the ideal and the reality. Among the players, there are quite a few people who dare to live as indies.

music i want to play

Whether you’re an artist, a composer, or a lyricist, you can’t necessarily turn what you want into a business. The world of commerce, regardless of genre, is built on the market. Therefore, it is not always possible to continue the music you are aiming for even if you become a professional. Since it becomes sales-oriented, the activity policy will be determined by the intention of the office or record company.

to be bound

There are, of course, limitations to being a professional musician. If you do it when you want to do it like you did when you were an amateur, it won’t work. Schedules such as music production and recording are fixed to some extent, and we have to work within that schedule. Some artists and writers have multiple jobs running in parallel, which can make them very busy. Some people have days when they can’t sleep.

Not too rewarding

Music rewards are not that high. The reality is that more than 90% of professional artists and writers make less than the lifetime income of salaried workers. In other words, rather than being a musician, working as a regular office worker will definitely earn you more money, and you will be able to live a more stable life. Therefore, it is not always possible to live an elegant life.

managed by manager

When artists and writers belong to an office or record label, their schedules are managed by their managers. Therefore, it does not mean that you can live a free life. Depending on the day, it is not uncommon to be suddenly put in a job. Therefore, being an artist does not mean that you can live an elegant and free life.

get fired

Artists, writers, etc. are positioned as sole proprietorships, and they are doing the profession of musicians, which is not so in demand. For that reason, the future is by no means secure. It is also common to get fired for poor sales. If you get fired, you will have to think about what to do with your next job in the first place. It is also a profession side by side with anxiety and fear.

unstable income

A musician’s income is extremely volatile. Unlike office workers, their salaries are not guaranteed by law, so they are positioned lower than office workers. A characteristic of this industry is that there are times when there is a lot of work and other times when there is little work, and income fluctuates considerably. Therefore, it can be said that it is a very bad job from a mental health point of view.


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