[Music and housework] Improve efficiency and motivation for housework


Household chores are inevitable in life. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, and other activities that are necessary for survival. There must be times when you feel that the work is troublesome or you just don’t have the motivation to do it. Music is what lifts my spirits. There are so many people who enjoy doing housework while listening to music.

Synergy between music and housework

There are so many people who feel bored or troublesome when doing housework in silence and stop working. Housework is not fun, so I get stuck in a rut and get bored. However, you can make such a boring task fun by doing one trick. There is also a survey result that more than half of the people who do housework while listening to music find it enjoyable. In other words, no matter how boring it is, depending on how you do it, you can enjoy it.

can work quickly

When you play a song with a fast tempo, people tend to try to match the tempo. This will allow you to reduce the amount of time you spend on household chores. Especially up-tempo songs can reduce housework time.

body becomes lighter

It is said that when playing up-tempo music, the human body loses its weight and becomes lighter. Music itself does not medically improve physical condition, but it is said that music is what lifts the mood.

music lover

For those who like music, listening to music while doing housework is very effective. This is because listening to your favorite music will make your body and mind feel lighter, and you will be able to complete all your tasks.

When you feel that housework is troublesome or boring

Housework is very boring, tiring and troublesome. It’s just routine work, so it’s natural for anyone to think it’s boring. For such people, let’s make it a habit to use music as a cue and start doing housework when a certain song is played. When you can’t get up easily, you can change your mood by playing your favorite songs. Music can make things that you thought boring become fun. Cleaning the room, bath, and toilet is the most troublesome task, and it is said that it is the most unmotivated task. Use music to your advantage.

Recommended songs and features for housework

It is said that when the rhythm of music reaches 120-160 BPM, the amygdala in the brain responds and creates a sense of pleasure and fulfillment. Hard rock and light dance music are said to turn on people’s hearts. Let’s add a song like the one below for reference. Play a song that makes you want to move your body with the tempo. No matter what you think, housework is something you absolutely have to do. If you’re going to do it anyway, you should try it while having fun.

Pitbull – Timber (Lyrics) ft. Ke$ha


Martin Garrix feat. JRM – These Are The Times

There are the times

Taylor Swift – The Man 

The man


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