Music industry: How to become a composer or lyricist How and where to get a job Should you go to vocational school or university?


Isn’t the composer one of the professions that everyone longs for? There are movie music composers, pop music composers, drama music composers, etc., but it’s not always easy. However, there are still many people who want to be composers. Meanwhile, I have an article about how to become a composer. See what you need to do to become a composer and what you should do.

What is a composer?

A composer is a person who creates musical works. The person who earns money by selling the work is called a composer. In modern society, there are many composers of pop music, but people who create BGM for movies, dramas, games, anime, etc. are also composers. There are also musicians behind the scenes. We live in a world where even if you go on to a vocational school or university, attend a school department, and receive an education, it does not necessarily lead to various jobs. Regardless of genre in the entertainment industry, such as lyric writing or voice acting, there are many freelancers who worked for music agencies, and client companies are looking for creative sound work skills.

Qualifications to become a composer

There are no mandatory qualifications to become a composer. In most cases, even when hiring music publishers or entertainment production companies, their educational background is not required. It is important to improve the musical sense necessary for songwriting while learning the knowledge and skills related to music.

Ability to become a composer

In order to be a composer, you first need to improve your ability to create music. Most modern composers use computer software to create music, so it’s important to learn computer techniques. If you want to become a composer from now on, please consider purchasing the following DTM software first. Nowadays, most people create music with software.

Cubase : Developed by Steinberg, Germany. Software from manufacturers that have developed VST, the most popular plug-in standard, and ASIO, the audio standard.

Live : It is produced so that it can be used not only as a tool for music production but also as a tool for actual performances such as live performances and DJs.

ProTools : Software that anyone who has been to a recording studio knows. You can take the recorded sound source home and edit it as it is.

FL Studio : This DAW is popular with dance music producers. Very simple and easy to understand, it is also recommended for beginners.

There is also a completely free Cakewalk By Bandlab.

How to become a composer

So how can you actually become a composer? The people you sell to will change depending on the direction you want to go, so think carefully about your intentions before implementing the methods below. Search for record companies and music production companies online and pitch them via email. Telephones are often frowned upon. Promote your content to all kinds of performers, music producers, and more. You can make and learn music with Desktop Music. These days, most people who become famous are DTM.

Record company

Record companies have a music publishing department and may hire composers and lyricists. Few places have adopted a salary system, and many have a performance-based compensation system. This is because if the music is actually sold, income will be generated, and if the music is produced, the production cost will be received in many cases. What kind of system is adopted depends on the record company. Most people often have other professions until they sell. If you want to play pop music, try selling it to a record company.

Music production

Music Production is a subcontractor that works at the request of record companies and movie companies. Therefore, its power is weaker than that of record companies and movie companies. Depending on the music production, we undertake everything from pop music to BGM. Most of the remuneration is a performance-based remuneration system. This is because if the music is actually sold, income will be generated, and if the music is produced, the production cost will be received in many cases. Most people often have other professions until they sell. People who are aiming for video music as well as pop music may try to sell it.

A composer employee of a video production company

Some game companies and commercial production companies employ composers as office workers. This is not a performance compensation system, but a salary system. Therefore, income is easy to stabilize and it is possible to lead a very stable life. However, on the other hand, the hurdles are very high and the world is very difficult to hire due to the flood of applicants. In addition to composing music, it is also responsible for managing staff hired outsourced and managing schedules, so it is for people who want to be involved comprehensively. Recommended for those who aim for BGM music.

Means to become a composer

Then, assuming that the sales destination is actually decided to some extent, what kind of means should be used to sell it? Try following the steps below.

Step 1: Make music

First of all, please make your own music. A few songs are enough, so let’s create it. Of course, the quality should be at the same level as the songs on the market.

Step 2: Submit

After actually making the song, sell it to a music production or record company by email. Telephones are likely to be disliked, so they often do not answer. Also, even if you sell by e-mail, there is no response from more than 90% of companies, so please do not be depressed even if there is no response. Search the internet for music productions and record companies. There are many companies in different countries.

Step 3: Interview if there is a reaction

After selling, if there is a reaction from the company, we will actually meet and have an interview, if both parties agree, there is a possibility that it will be a contract or a contract for each case.

If there is no result

If you do not get any response after performing steps 1 and 2, please make a new song again. Let’s try again from step 1 in a few months. Most people should be completely unresponsive. If you continue, your skill will improve over time.


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