[Music and food] Does music make your meal delicious? Do you have an appetite?


Food and music. At first glance, it may seem completely irrelevant, but in fact, listening to music while eating is said to increase satisfaction with the meal. When you hear the word “meal”, many people think that it is tasted by the taste on the tongue. But when it tastes good, we know it’s not just about taste. We know that it depends on the emotions at that time and also on the physical condition.

Music during meals

Generally speaking, when you go to a restaurant, there is always music playing. The reason why many restaurants play background music is not only to create a comfortable space, but also to control the appetite of customers. In fact, whether or not a meal tastes delicious depends on a variety of factors, such as the beautiful presentation of the food and the surrounding environment when eating. This time, we will introduce a list of contents and ways to listen to artists’ music while eating and enjoy your time. Let’s all create a slightly better atmosphere where you can enjoy French cuisine and drinks in your daily life.

Music that promotes appetite

There are various genres of music such as “rock,” “classical,” and “ballad,” but “classical” is attracting attention as it has the function of increasing appetite. It is said that this is because it brings out a pleasant feeling. The reason for the increase in appetite is the music with high “gentleness” and “nobility”. On the other hand, intense music such as EDM and rock is said to reduce appetite.

Favorite music

It is said that if you eat while listening to your favorite music, your appetite will increase, and if you listen to disliked music, your appetite will decrease. An uplifting state may give the brain the illusion that everything there is “like”.

Music tempo

Many people want to taste and eat slowly when they eat. Music tempo is an important key. Eating slowly will increase your satisfaction. As I wrote above, up-tempo songs can reduce your appetite.


It is not suitable in such a noisy environment when eating. If you play music with too much volume, the food will not taste good. Sounds that are too loud will dull the taste of sweetness and saltiness and will make you feel uncomfortable.

Cooking and music genres

Professor Charles Spence, a psychologist at Oxford University, gathered 700 volunteer participants to prepare different types of take-out dishes and six different genres of music. I had them eat while listening to music of each genre. As a result, a certain result was seen. There are countless restaurants in the world today, but every one plays music. It may be helpful to some extent for business owners.

Italian food = classic

It seems that Italian food and classical music go great together.

Indian food = rock

Rock seems to go well with Indian food. It seems that spicy curry and intense rock are the best match.

Chinese food = pop music

Pop music goes well with Chinese food, and seems to go well with moderately mellow music.

Sushi = jazz

Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish, goes well with jazz.

Thai food = jazz

Thai food seems to go well with jazz.


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