[Music and depression] Measures to prevent office workers from becoming depressed


Depression can be said to be a common problem in modern society and the modern world. In a stressful society, mental health is attracting attention. Since stress is invisible, many people are unaware that they are stressed. Also, even if they are aware that they are stressed, they do not know how to relieve it well, and some people suffer from mental illness such as depression. What should companies do?

play music in the office

If you make your employees work in a stressful environment, someday some will become unable to handle the stress. It is said that people become more sensitive to stress as they get older, so in order to have the same employees work for a long time, it is necessary to improve the work environment. In order to prevent depression among employees, some companies are introducing office background music as a form of mental care. This kind of mental care has been introduced in many companies, and it is also a hint for improving the workplace environment. Emotionally, the listener also creates a state that alleviates the symptoms. If you are feeling anxious right now and need to take action, listen to it in the morning and take steps to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Allow listening to music while working

Although this is not possible during business negotiations or meetings, some companies allow you to listen to music when you are working alone. If you’re working from home, there’s probably no problem in listening to music. Listening to music can sometimes help you escape from difficult emotions. Of course, loud music will only make your work less efficient, so it’s best to choose music wisely. Classical, healing, ambient, etc. would be good choices. Listening for the purpose of forgetting your fatigue is effective for your health as well. Depending on the category, listening to it while listening can also have the effect of alleviating physical discomfort.

music therapy

Music therapy is one of the treatments for mental illnesses such as depression. There are several methods of music therapy, but some companies should consider having their employees see a psychiatrist. By going to the hospital, you will not have a mental breakdown and may be able to improve your work efficiency. Music therapy generally involves listening to music that makes the parasympathetic nervous system (the nervous system when you are relaxed) dominant. Some even have full sound effects. It’s a big choice, but please ask the hospital for details. Will it be a new experience and a turning point that will change my life?

music for depression

By the way, what kind of music is suitable for depression? By stimulating the parasympathetic nerves that soothe the mind and body and bring them into a resting mode, music can put a stop to the sympathetic nerve dominance. There is a range that stimulates the parasympathetic nerves. Mozart’s music contains a lot of it. Especially the violin concertos K218 and K219. In addition to Mozart, Bach’s aria on the G string and Chinese erhu tunes are also highly effective. Ambient and healing are also preferred. Also, music such as the sound of nature and the chirping of insects is said to have a healing effect. Music suitable for such music therapy is also sold on Amazon and others.


Music you shouldn’t listen to when you’re depressed

There are certain genres that are easy to become depressed. This is especially true for intense music such as pop, rock, and metal. Listening to bright, fun pop music that lifts your spirits when you’re feeling down can only have the opposite effect. Music that is out of tune with your mood can have the opposite effect. When people listen to music that matches their mood, they feel happy and moved. Listening to loud music when you’re depressed is pointless.


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