Morin Hall: Features, price, and history of the ethnic musical instrument


Morin Khuur is a Mongolian stringed instrument. It has a distinctive appearance, with a box-shaped torso made of wood and strings and bows made of hair such as the tail of a horse. This instrument existed around the 8th century and is known as an instrument with a long history. It is the most famous folk instrument representing the Mongolian people and is called the horse head koto in Chinese and the Morin khuur in Mongolian. A bowed string instrument that produces sound by rubbing strings with a bow, originally made from the hair and skin of a horse’s tail.


This instrument was born in Mongolia.

About the price

Prices range from around 10,000 yen to around 1 million yen.

History of Morin Khuur

The Morin Khuur is a Mongolian musical instrument that draws strings with a bow, and is said to have been named this way because of the carving of the horse’s head at the top of the kin’s sword. This instrument has already been discovered in the ruins of the 8th century. When it first occurred, it was called “Ikel”. By the 12th century, this instrument had already spread to Mongolia. An instrument with a history of less than 1000 years, it is a very famous and representative instrument for the Mongolian people. Morin khuur was often used as an accompaniment in Mongolian songs, but as the times progressed, its musicality and expressiveness increased. Nowadays, it is often used as a solo. This instrument is called the horse head koto in Chinese and the Morin Khuur in Mongolian. Nowadays, this musical instrument has appeared in Mongolian orchestras and has a wide range of uses.

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Features of Morin Khuur

Morin Khuur is a bowed string instrument that makes sounds by rubbing strings with a bow, and was originally made from the hair and skin of a horse’s tail. According to one theory, it may be the origin of violins and cellos. It has a range of about two and a half octaves, and the tone is very soft. Therefore, it is also called “meadow cello”. There is also a harmonics playing method like a guitar, and it is an instrument with rich expression methods. It is an instrument consisting of two strings consisting of an inner string and an outer string. Inner Mongolia uses nylon strings, and Mongolian uses mainly horse tail hair as strings, and sometimes nylon strings. Bows are often similar to violins and cellos. The player sits in a chair and plays with the instrument between his knees. In Morin Khuur, some musical instruments have different materials, structures and decorations depending on the region.


Morin khuur song

It is used in traditional Mongolian music.


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