[Music live and tickets] Solutions for surplus concert tickets


When you can’t go to a live show you’ve been looking forward to, or when you suddenly get sick and can’t go to a concert, you’ll end up with a surplus of tickets, and the tickets you’ve paid for will be wasted. It will end up. Many people have had such an experience. So what are the solutions?

Is it illegal to sell tickets? legal?

Is it illegal to sell tickets even though I bought them? In principle it will be legal. Because there are people called resellers to prove it. A reseller is someone who buys tickets at a low price and sells them at a high price. There are some people who make this kind of reselling a profession, but please do not do such an act because it is disliked. Also, please note that resale may be prohibited depending on the performance.

How to give away your ticket

If you suddenly get busy and can’t attend the show, or if you suddenly get sick and can’t go to the concert, your precious tickets will be wasted. There are people who want those tickets, so one option is to give them away. What methods are available? If you don’t have anyone you know on the day of the event and go to the venue, there will still be tickets left over, so you can use a service to get money at the regular price and have them sell the tickets. It is possible to officially solicit and buy and sell electronic tickets in detail, making it safer for buyers than purchasing from scalpers. These days, the fees are cheap, so if you really follow the rules, everyone will say “thank you.”

bulletin board

If your favorite artists are major, there are places where you can exchange information on bulletin boards. There is a way to hand over the ticket there. It’s up to you to give it away for free or for a fee. I hate it when it’s too expensive.

live venue

People who are looking for tickets at live venues often put out boards. Since messages such as “Please give me a ticket” and “I will buy a ticket” are sent out, it is one way to hand them over at the site. In fact, they have a very strong desire to buy, so there is a high probability that you will be able to give away your ticket.


On the Internet, there are sites that resell products based on the absolute condition that they are not prohibited by ordinances or sellers. You can pass tickets to such sites and sell them to third parties. In order not to waste your ticket, give it away if you can.


Some people give away tickets on SNS such as Twitter. However, in the case of SNS, it is often mistaken for fraud and is often suspected, so it is not recommended. Posts about giving away tickets can be seen everywhere every day.

friends and family

The easiest way is to give your ticket to your family, friends or even work colleagues. It’s the best way to safely give up without causing any trouble, so it’s safe to start looking for it from your relatives.

NG act

When transferring tickets to a third party, the following actions are often disliked. Avoid being seen as a reseller. It is possible that the act of buying a large amount for the purpose of resale and selling it may be a crime, so be careful. In the worst case, it could lead to lawsuits.

net auction

The more popular the performance is, the more expensive the tickets can be sold at online auctions. The more popular the artist, the higher the demand, and many people will buy it no matter how expensive it is. Furthermore, transactions with invisible parties can cause trouble.

sell locally at a high price

I often see people selling tickets at live venues. Most of them are resellers who secure a large number of tickets through advance reservations and sell them locally at a high price. If you also sell at a high price locally, there is a high possibility that you will be seen as a peer. Please be careful as you may get involved in some kind of trouble.


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