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Introducing a list of record companies. The Japanese music industry is said to be a declining industry, and although it is the second largest market in the world as of 2022, it is said to be an industry that is expected to decline rapidly from now on. However, even in this industry, there are many people who want to become singers, and the supply is greater than the demand. In light of this, we have created a list of major labels for aspiring singers and writers who want to become professionals in the Japanese music industry.

Notes on application

Below is a list of Japanese major labels, but please be aware of the following points when applying. It is said that more than 90% of applicants fail the document screening, so the biggest key is whether or not they can pass the document screening. If you pass the document screening, you will be contacted by the record company for an interview. And if you pass the interview, you can get a major contract. Please pay attention to the following points when selecting documents. If you are unsuccessful, wait a month or two and try again. Of course, it is also necessary to review the sound source.

home page

In most cases, major labels accept auditions on their websites. If they don’t accept it, sending a demo tape is often ignored, so it’s a waste of money. Always check the website to see if there are any vacancies. There are times when we are recruiting and times when we are not.


Lyricists, composers, arrangers, etc. do not pay much attention to photography, but photography is important for singers and aspiring artists. So, first of all, go to a photo studio and take beautiful pictures. We often ask for a full-body photo and a face photo, so please take two types of photos.

sound source

Sound sources are the most important thing for every artist, writer, etc. If this doesn’t work, it won’t work no matter what you do. Create the highest quality sound source possible. We recommend recording using a music studio or recording at home. Most of the auditions now have a mechanism for uploading sound source files.


The profile is the second most important thing after the sound source. If you end it with a short sentence such as self-introduction, it will not leave an impact on the other party. It’s important to make sure it’s well made. If you don’t have any achievements, it is preferable to appeal to your favorite genre or good instrument. In any case, it is wiser to make the content richer.

List of Japanese major labels

Universal Music

It is a foreign-owned music label and one of the world’s three largest labels. We have a history of stable management at a Japanese record company with a very long history. Time and timing are important because auditions may or may not start depending on the time of year.

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warner music

It is a foreign-owned music label and one of the world’s three largest labels. Although it is the smallest company among the three major labels, it is affiliated with Warner Bros. and has a very strong advertising power. Auditions for this company are often announced on the website, so it is better to check frequently.

Home Page

sony music

It is a foreign-owned music label and one of the world’s three largest labels. It is the most stable company in Japan, and there are many auditions. Sony Music often recruits on its own audition page. There is also a monthly audition.



JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment

Victor is also very famous in Japan. This company also has its own audition page, and there are auditions that are always accepting applications and auditions that are planned for a limited time. There are many opportunities at certain times of the year.


Yamaha Music Communications

Yamaha is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of musical instruments. Yamaha does not only manufacture musical instruments, but also develops a wide range of businesses such as music schools and artist management. Some auditions are held throughout the year.


pony canyon

Pony Canyon is a music maker of the Fuji Sankei Group. However, this company doesn’t hold auditions very often, so depending on the time of year, there may be no opportunities at all. Judging the timing is important.

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Yoshimoto Music

Yoshimoto Music is a record company for entertainers. Rather than recruiting artists, we often recruit writers. We are always looking for lyricists, composers, arrangers, etc.


for life music entertainment

It is an independent record company that is not under the capital of a label or entertainment production company. There are several famous artists, so there are opportunities. There are auditions that are open all year round, so it can be said that anyone has a chance.


Nippon Columbia

It is a very old company that has a partnership with Columbia Music in the United States. The company has a long history and has been operating for decades. Auditions are always held, and the advantage is that there is no particular age limit. Many people have a chance.



The Avex Group is engaged in music and video businesses, and is a company that is expanding its business in various directions, not limited to music. Since it is a large company, multiple auditions are held, and you can apply according to your preferences.


king record

King Records is more of an idol group. The audition format of this company is a little old, but it is in the form of mailing documents. Compared to other auditions, the method may be a little old-fashioned.


How to acquire skills?

If you are still unsure about your ability, go to a school. At a record company, there are many opportunities not only for pop music, but also for anime songs and movies. Major labels get more exposure as they get broadcast, so once you get featured, your chances of becoming famous will increase. There are many specialized major label services such as Tokuma Japan Communications, Dolly Music, Being, Toys Factory, Upfront Works, Ariola Japan, and Nippon Crown, so it’s a good idea to improve your skills before taking on the challenge.


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