Electric guitar, electric bass: Hamer features, price, history


Hamer, an electric guitar manufacturer, was founded in Illinois in the 1970s. This guitar became famous in the 1980s when it became loved by hard rock players. Its flashy design is its biggest feature, and its very good-looking appearance is very popular. With its innovative designs at the time, such as the Flying V type, and its flashy coloring, it is popular with visual and heavy metal players, and is a famous manufacturer with a worldwide presence.


The Hamer brand was born in America, and this instrument was born. You can see the appearance of products such as effectors, guitars, and amplifiers, as well as photos for viewing, on the official website, online, and blog. Overall information can be found officially. Of course, it is a recommended scale guitar along with Fender and Gibson.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen. Categories such as telecaster are popular among bands. Prices vary depending on parts such as the main body Les Paul and frets. You can purchase both used and new items. This is a guitar that can be played and used for practice.

Development company

Hamer Guitars


Paul Hamer , Jol Dantzig, John Montgomery, James Walker

Founded in 1976 by several founders in Illinois.


Hamer began promoting musical instruments in 1974 and advertised in guitar magazines. He was then founded in Illinois in 1976 by several founders. The first Hamer guitar, the Flying V Bass, was manufactured at Northern Prairie Music, a vintage instrument store in Wilmette, Illinois, owned by Hamer and Dantzig. In 1977, we expanded our business to hire about seven employees. Hamer announced the new model Sunburst in 1977. It then caught the attention of Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen, who became known to the public for using Hamer’s 8-string and 12-string basses, and sales surged. In the 1980s, Hamer moved to a larger district in Arlington Heights on the outskirts of Chicago due to business expansion. Hamer was acquired by Kaman Music Corporation in 1988 and by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in 2008. Hamer has provided a variety of electric guitars and electric basses, and since its inception, it has become a manufacturer favored by heavy metal and hard rock players with a flashy design motif.

Features of Hamer

Hamer features a modified guitar and a flashy design. Most electric guitars are basically equipped with humbuckers. The heyday of hard rock has passed, and in recent years we have released vintage-style electric guitars with a sense of luxury that resembles the body shape of Paul Reed Smith. We are consistently committed to high quality guitar products and focus on manufacturing. In the 1980s, the flashy coloring with innovative designs such as Explorer and Flying V type was accepted by hard rock guitarists. HAMER is said to be the forerunner of flashy guitars. HAMER has three types of lineup: the low-priced XT Series, the regular edition USA, and Custom.

Hamer’s model


This is a double cutaway guitar from the XT Series series.


A single cutaway guitar with a mahogany set neck, rosewood fretboard and elegant inlays on the frets.


It is a model close to Gibson.


A rosewood fingerboard is used for the mahogany neck, and an alder body is used for the XT Series.


A flying V type equipped with a Duncan pickup that distorts powerfully.


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