[World music market and genre] Halloween music history and characteristics


Do you know the latest Western music distribution, anime, and party songs that are exciting Halloween music? Halloween festival is held every October. When we think of Halloween, we imagine a festival where people dress up as pumpkins, ghosts, etc., but what kind of music is played at that time? And what kind of music is considered suitable for Halloween? I have written an article about its characteristics and trends.

What is Halloween?

Do you know what kind of festival Halloween is? The origins of Halloween go back over 2000 years. It is said to have originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Europe, Samhain. Samhain, which means “the end of summer”, was a religious event to celebrate the autumn harvest and ward off evil spirits. October 31st marks the end of the year in the Celtic calendar. It was believed that this was the time when the boundary between this world and the afterlife was weakened, and souls could come and go. This belief eventually merged with Christianity and became All Hallows’ Day, a prayer to all the saints of Christianity. And in modern times, this event has changed to something that even children can participate in, and it has become a festival.

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halloween songs

What kind of image do you have when you think of Halloween songs? Up until now, a large number of Halloween music have been released, but it has been found that there are certain trends. I will write down its characteristics. Songs often rank high in rankings and can often be heard at cafes and other services. It is also attracting attention as it is often featured in videos such as dance parties, dramas, anime theme songs, albums, etc. Halloween Party’s singles often rank at the top of J-pop and Western music charts. Information can be obtained for free online.


dark music

Halloween is a religious event to ward off evil spirits, so the image of scary or fearful music is very strong. For that reason, it can be said that there are many songs that incite anxiety and associate dark images.

western music

Since Halloween itself is a Western culture, there is a lot of music that has a very European feel to it. And because of the strong connection between Christians, many songs with a strong religious flavor have been created. This is why church organ and harp chord instruments are often used.

merry music

Halloween used to be an event to ward off evil spirits, but in modern times it has become a festival. For this reason, cheerful and cute Halloween music has also appeared in modern times. Nowadays, even children participate in Halloween festivals.

halloween symbol

Pumpkin lanterns with candles are a common symbol of Halloween. Lanterns are called “jack o’ lanterns”. Jack is the name of a man in Irish folklore. Jack, who had done many bad things during his lifetime, fooled the devil who came to take his soul, so he could not even fall into hell, and even after he died, he lit a lantern and continued to wander in the dark night. .

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When it comes to Halloween, for some reason everyone dresses up and it becomes like a cosplay festival. Why is this? It was said that evil spirits and witches would come along with the spirits on Halloween and bring disaster to humans. So, in order to protect themselves, the humans disguised themselves as demons or witches and pretended to be his companions. This culture is still inherited. Nowadays, costume parades and contests are held, and the number of unique cosplays is increasing.


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