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There are many French earphone and headphone manufacturers. Among them, the headphones and earphones of famous companies have a good reputation all over the world and are known to be of high quality. Among them, earphones such as Focal are known for producing audio products with high recognition and very high performance. Earphones from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan are good, but French manufacturer’s products are also highly recommended.

French manufacturer has high quality

French manufacturers have high quality products. Cables, amplifiers, etc. are also available, and the headphones are also compatible with sealed types, so there are many manufacturers with advanced technology. They are equipped with advanced functions, and many come with connection plugs and cases as standard. There are headphones specifically designed for portable use, with an excellent shape and unique model that allow you to use them in a comfortable environment. If you install it completely open, you can enjoy the sound clearly. You can enjoy well-balanced and clear sound.


Focal is a high-end audio company and brand name that represents France. Known as a prestigious speaker, it also manufactures headphones and earphones. Founded in 1979 by Jack Mayur in Saint-Etienne, he has been involved in earphone products since 2012. We are working on headphones such as UTOPIA, ELEAR, CLEAR, LISTEN, SPHEAR.

HeadquarterSaint-Etienne, France

Focal Product List


An audio brand in Paris, France. We continue to innovate in the field of acoustic technology, with more than 160 patents and more than 80 awards. Famous as a speaker manufacturer, it also manufactures a large number of high quality speakers.

HeadquarterParis, France

DEVIALET Product List


French audio maker. We carry headphones with all of “design,” “sound quality,” and “functionality,” and the Zik 3 headphones are especially famous. We sell models that can be controlled by Bluetooth playback, touch sensor remote control, and smartphone app for noise canceling.

HeadquarterParis, France

Parrot Product List

Zik 3


Thrustmaster is an American and French manufacturer of joysticks, game controllers and steering wheels for PCs and video game consoles. Originally a company for games, but in recent years it has also started to handle headphones. The main product is for games, but we are also working on products that can be used for audio.

HeadquarterCarentoir, France

Thrustmaster Product List


Aedle is an audio manufacturer located in Paris, France. I am working on VK-1 series headphones. It is a new manufacturer founded in 2011, and it has not been so many years yet. Since we are developing products using designers in the field of art, we are characterized by a product with a slightly fashionable appearance.

HeadquarterParis, France

Aedle Product List


EarSonics is an audio manufacturer founded in France in 2005. A fairly well-known company in Europe, it impressed artists all over France. He has worked on many works centered on earphones. It is possible to reproduce a profound sound.

HeadquarterParis, France

EarSonics Product List


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