[Music Genres] Demand and Possibilities of Ethnic Music


Folk music is a very niche genre, and it is recognized as a music genre that has almost no demand in the commercial music world. As you can see from the hit charts, most music is EDM or pop. However, folk music, which seems to have no demand at all, is actually music that is in demand in unexpected places.

What is folk music

Folk music is music that is performed using instruments developed in the region. All the peoples of the world have their own music and their own instruments. Partly because of this background, there are countless ethnic musical instruments in the world, and even experts cannot comprehend them. All folk music instruments have a rather peculiar timbre, which gives a good seasoning and produces a very distinctive music. However, due to its characteristically strong timbre, it is also difficult to fuse with other genres, and depending on the song, mixing ethnic instruments often destroys the atmosphere.

Folk Music

Demand for folk music

The instruments used in folk music are very unique, so they are generally used at some kind of event and are not very familiar in the world of commercial music. However, folk music is actually valued in unexpected ways. It has also become an artistic folk song and dance in society in Japan, China, and India. Traditional music has unique melodies and rhythms carved by musicians, and each has its own form that has been passed down from generation to generation. There are words that don’t exist in popular music.

fusion with pop

Surprisingly, there are songs that are a fusion of pop music and folk music. A limited number of artists have incorporated the characteristics of folk music instruments into their pop music. The famous one is The Corrs who was active in the 1990s. The Corrs are an Irish band whose motifs are based on the traditional Celtic sound of Ireland, but which have adapted to the world of pop music and have become very popular. There are so many songs that make full use of Irish tin whistles and bowrons. They have been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance as well as Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

The Corrs

Demand for film music

Folk music is also in demand for film music. For example, music with ethnic themes is often used in movies set in historical settings. It’s almost 100% BGM only, but ethnic music complements the movie. In the case of film music, not only pure classical music, but also folk instruments are well blended to create a good atmosphere. Compared to the old days, pure classical music has decreased in movie music, and it has become music that fuses with other genres. Depending on the project of the movie, it is not uncommon for most of the songs to be full of folk instruments.

Kingdom of Heaven

Production Music Library

Although the business is limited to Europe and America, the demand for folk instruments is very high even at the Production Music Library. Production Music Library is a music library for commercial use. When commercial, television, radio, film companies, etc. want to use music in their video works, instead of signing a license contract with Production Music Library and paying a usage fee, Production Music Library It is a business that allows you to use nearly 1 million songs owned by the company. This business model is only found in Western countries, but there is also some demand in South Africa, Israel, and Australia. The Production Music Library company wants to prepare a wide variety of genres of music in advance, so artists who can create folk music are very useful.


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