Electric guitar, electric bass: Danelectro features, price, history


Danelectro, founded in 1947, is a manufacturer of guitars, basses, effectors, and guitar amp models and brands with unique body designs. This is an American company that is used by famous guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, and Pete Townshend. The masonite structure that has become synonymous with Danelectro is very famous. Nowadays, they are recognized by players all over the world as a globally powerful manufacturer of guitars, basses, and effects.


This instrument was born in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA. There are many designs such as black and white, and the neck and other looks are good. Acoustic guitars and bass guitars are also sold, so there is a lot of information on sales. Since artists have been using this large-scale guitar since then, it became a manufacturer alongside Gibson and Vintage.

Development company


How much does it cost?

The prices of Danelectro guitars and basses range from around 50,000 yen to around 1 million yen. Sometimes they are sold as a set including effectors and straps, so check online stores.


Nathan I. Daniel September 23, 1912-December 24, 1994

Nathan Daniel loved radio as a kid, and his first creation was a crystal radio. He went to the radio district of New York. He also started making amplifiers, and his proprietary circuit amplifiers signed a contract with Tho’s Bargain Basement in the radio town. Nathan Daniel founded the company in Red Bank, New Jersey and changed its name to Danelectro in 1947.


Founded in 1947 by Nathan Daniel, he began manufacturing amplifiers for mail-order giants Sears Roebuck and Montgomery throughout the 1940s. In 1954, started manufacturing Danelectro brand solid body electric guitars and amplifiers. In 1956, he announced a 6-string electric bass. Danelectro sold to MCA in 1966. In 1990, Evertz began selling copies of old Silverstone and Danelectro guitars, as well as newly designed compact effectors and small amps.

Features of Danelectro

This is a product with unique design and functionality. Speck sells a series of products such as body structures made of artificial materials, 6-string basses, and 6-string/12-string double-neck guitars, and is known as a very maniacal instrument. The hollow body made of masonite makes the guitar body light and gives it a unique sound with an airy feel. Another big feature is that it uses a stack pot. The control pot for each pickup is divided into two levels, upper and lower, with the lower level controlling the volume and the upper level controlling the tone. The bridge consists of a rosewood saddle mounted on a metal bridge plate. Guitars full of individuality are still being produced today.

Danelectro model

THE 84

A guitar with three lipstick pickups mounted on a Strat type body. It has a retro look on the 21st fret.

THE 64

The string length is 636mm, the frets are 22, and the main feature is the rear pickup, which makes a humbucker by arranging two lipstick pickups side by side.

THE 66

It is a model that arranged the body into a semi-hollow structure made by Alder. It is a model that arranged THE 64.


The “59” series has the same body and head shape. It can be called the face of the Danelectro model.


A 12-string guitar that is now commonplace. It was developed by Danelectro. It is a model full of sound variations.

Longhorn Guitar

A guitar with a long horn. The appearance is very special and conspicuous.


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