Danbau: characteristics, price, and history of the ethnic musical instrument


You may not have heard much about Dan Bau. This instrument is a traditional Vietnamese instrument and one of the instruments used by the ancient Vietnamese. This instrument is classified as a stringed instrument, and has a rather unusual feature of having only one string.

Origin of musical instrument

Dang Bau is a one-stringed harp and is one of the musical instruments that originated in Vietnam. You can enjoy this stringed instrument with Vietnamese history along with your food. Photos of the koto can also be viewed online. It is also used in ensemble with other songs. It has a wide range of pitches, making it a great instrument for playing new songs.

About the price

Prices range from tens of thousands of yen to hundreds of thousands of yen.

Danbau history

The danbau is not an instrument with such a long history. It is not an instrument that was born in ancient times, but this instrument has appeared in modern times. Dan Bau began appearing in Vietnamese literature in the 1700s. It is said that this instrument was probably started by a Vietnamese woman who started playing it on her street to earn money for herself instead of her husband who went to war. It is said Perhaps for this reason, dambau came to be said to be a tool to express one’s feelings to one’s lover. This instrument became recognized by Vietnamese people and became one of the representative instruments in Vietnam today. In modern times, dan bau has become quite pervasive in Vietnamese pop, and is also used in Asian pop and rock. It is also a very popular instrument in modern popular music.

Features of Danbau

The biggest feature of the danbau is that it has only one string. The danbau can be played by placing it on the floor and touching the strings with the right hand. The left hand is a vertical bar that supports the strings. And the left hand moves the neck to adjust the tension of the string. The danbau is characterized by a very low volume, so it is greatly affected by the environment in which it is played. Therefore, the volume is very low to produce sound with harmonics. It is said that the reason why the volume of the danbau is low is that it is a tool to convey your feelings to your lover. Since the danbau is a single stringed instrument, it looks very easy to play, but it actually requires a lot of practice and it takes years to reach proficiency. In modern times, Danbau often uses amplifiers to increase the volume.

dambau music

Dan bau is one of the most popular instruments in modern Vietnamese music. It is a common and adaptable instrument in contemporary Asian pop music.


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