[Music genre] What is Boom Bap? The future of hiphop


Boom Bap is one of the musical genres that emerged in the late 1900s. The world is full of various music genres, but Boom Bap has a relatively short history compared to other music genres. In the United States, hip-hop sales are now recognized as the main music genre in America, surpassing rock, which has been immovably popular. What will happen to Boom Bap now that the hip-hop scene has reached the front line of the world?

What is Boom Bap?

Boom Bap is a subgenre that was prominent on the East Coast of the United States during the golden age of hip-hop from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. This style is characterized by a drum loop that uses a strong acoustic bass drum sample on the downbeat. Notable hip-hop artists who have incorporated into their music include KRS-One, R. The Rugged Man, Boot Camp Clik, Griselda, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Notorious B.I.G. An old school rapper wrote the representative song.

Boom Bap

History of Boom Bap

It started in 1984 by using the kick drum and snare beat from the song “It’s Yours” by T La Rock. T La Rock spoke using the word “Boom Bap” to mimic the sound of the rhythm. The term later became the name of a hip-hop subgenre, which became increasingly popular when KRS-One released an album titled his Return of the Boom Bap. became. This album became a hit, and this genre became widely known to general listeners. The album peaked at number 37 on the 1993 Albums of the Week chart on the Billboard 200. The album also charted at #5 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Unfortunately, Boom Bap never made it to mainstream pop music.

not a commercial hit

Boom Bap ultimately never achieved commercial popularity, as copyright laws around the world were significantly strengthened, placing severe restrictions on sampling sounds based on other people’s work. . Boom Bap often has a specific rhythm pattern, so it is often repetitive, and many people sampled it. In addition, compared to pop music, it had a minor impression, and in the end it did not dominate the hit charts. However, Boom Bap has made a slight comeback in recent years. In 2019, Bristol-based rapper Liam Wish Kole released an album called Boom Bap to the Future, using the album’s instrumental rhythmic quality as the basis for his scoring. Several other artists have released Boom Bap singles, including J.Cole, Griselda, Redman, Dj Kay Slay, Lloyd Banks, Hrsmn and Rosenberg.

hip hop boom

Hip-hop is currently very popular in the United States and Europe, but as you can see from past history, no genre will last forever. It seems that the time will come when hip-hop will decline in the same way as classical music, jazz, rock, and bossa nova. I don’t know if it will be 10 or 20 years from now, but it will definitely decline someday. And the music industry repeats the cycle of new genres being born and being supported by the masses.


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