[Audio] Comparison of Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi speaker functions Recommendations


A wireless speaker that connects to smartphones via Bluetooth. Once upon a time there was no wireless speaker. But now you can enjoy music without a wired cable. Old-fashioned speaker user fans may dislike wireless speakers, but these speakers are now the mainstream.

What is a wireless speaker?

A wireless speaker is a speaker that connects to a terminal such as a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, etc., and plays back the transmitted music data. The feature of wireless speakers is that you can enjoy music in a wide range of scenes because you do not need to connect by wire. It was a speaker that appeared in the 2000s, and in the 1900s, wired was still the mainstream, and some people may not be familiar with it. There are two ways to connect, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but Wi-Fi connection requires a Wi-Fi router in addition to a smartphone and wireless speaker.

Bluetooth speaker

The Bluetooth speaker can directly communicate with the model equipped with Bluetooth. You can enjoy the sound of movies, music, and video distribution services with high sound quality by connecting wirelessly to smartphones and PCs.


Wi-Fi speaker

Since it is used within your home Wi-Fi network, it is suitable for wireless connection of home audio equipment. Many people confuse it with a Bluetooth speaker, but a Wi-Fi speaker requires a Wi-Fi router in addition to a smartphone and wireless speaker.


How to choose a speaker

Sound quality

If you enjoy speakers, checking the sound quality is a must. The sound quality of the speaker changes depending on the codec. Each codec has different characteristics such as “SBC”, which is highly compatible and has standard sound quality, “AAC”, which has a small time lag during communication and good sound quality, and “aptX”, which has a low data compression rate and allows you to enjoy higher sound quality.


If you want to enjoy the power with speakers, the amplifier output is the most important point. Furthermore, the more speaker units there are, the more powerful the sound can be enjoyed.

Waterproof function

If you place your speakers near the bathroom, poolside, or kitchen, check their waterproof performance. If it is not waterproof, it will easily break down. There should be a notation of IPX, so let’s check it in advance. The larger the IPX version, the higher the waterproof performance.


If you use your speakers outdoors, check the continuous playback time. You don’t always have time to charge so many times outdoors. Also, choose one that is easy to carry. Lighter and smaller ones may be better.


If you want to enjoy many functions with one speaker, choose one that has many functions. Modern speakers have more than just playing music. Some models have a radio function, making it a speaker that can be used in the event of a disaster.

Speaker maker

Nowadays, a wide variety of speakers are sold by various manufacturers. There are differences depending on the built-in functions and services. Depending on the device settings, standards, and distance, there are many that work on Android, iPhone, and smartphone environments. The disadvantage of using an app is that it consumes more battery power than home appliances or PC types, so be careful. We recommend changing the power consumption and battery depending on the usage. Choose media according to specifications, capacity, and category.






















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