[Audition] I can’t tell my parents but want to be a singer


There are many people in the world who want to be singers. There are only a handful of people who can actually live as singers, but in reality, there are many people who are singers even if they do not have the ability, so there are many uncertainties. For those who want to be such a singer, especially minors, parental consent is absolutely necessary. How do you act if you don’t get the consent of your parents?

For minors

In most countries, minors cannot make a contract. It is a rule that a contract cannot be made without the consent of parents. When canceling a contract made by a minor, the minor or the parent or guardian can cancel it. Because of these rules, minors have the problem of being up to their parents. In fact, what if you don’t get parental consent?

How to become a singer

To become a singer, you must first take action. Please refer to the article below for specific instructions. Even if you study at school for your dreams, it will be troublesome if your parents are against you. If I don’t have your support as I aim to become an important singer or idol, I won’t be able to feel that way. I need the support of my family until I firmly belong to the agency. Of course, if you have a lot of experience and repeatedly appear on TV and videos, you will have a chance. Even if you don’t have anyone to talk to, if you don’t give up and try a little harder, you can definitely find success even if you are alone. If you really have a lot of time to think about it, talk to your friends instead of your parents.

I can not say

Many people want to be a singer but can’t tell their parents. She may be afraid to be opposed or may not be confident in persuading her. You don’t have to tell your parents. If she lives with her parents, she shouldn’t be able to tell herself that she’s singing. In this case, there is no problem if you say “I’m not going to be a singer” or “I’m going to do it as a hobby”. On the other hand, if you can get fans by playing live or writing your own songs, your parents’ attitude will change.

Opinion of parents

Generally, in the opinion of parents, singers have an uncertain income and anxiety about the future. Parents often have a desire for their children to have a stable profession and often find it impossible because they do not have a musical talent. I think most people are just disappointed when they say something like this. But in reality, you don’t need parental help to become a singer. It’s better to work secretly in the absence of parents and become a singer first. To silence your parents, give the following proof.

Leave a result

Take the plunge and audition and leave the results. This is probably the quickest way to go. If you do this, parents are unlikely to object. If you actually pass, no one should be able to speak out.

Acquiring fans

If you don’t get the consent of your parents to become a singer, try working underwater. Posting on Youtube, advertising on Instagram, etc. does not cost anything. If you get a lot of fans there, try to convince your parents again. Parents are more likely to agree.

Give up

Those who give up on a singer because of their parents’ opposition are probably not so eager. The person who really wants to be a singer is the one who thinks she has to be a singer, no matter what her life is. At least as of 2022, we know that humans cannot be immortal. Life ends once. The world of immortality is imminent, but it is not immortal. Your life is up to you. Try to live a life that you will not regret when you grow older.


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