[Music Live and Trouble] What to do if you lose your concert ticket, what should you do if you lose it?


I was looking forward to the music live, but I lost the ticket on the day. Or if you throw it away, you will not be able to enter the concert venue. I will explain what to do if you lose your ticket. If you lose your ticket, there are many patterns that are basically difficult to enter, but it is not 100% complete.

Solutions for lost concert tickets

It may be common for you to arrive at a concert venue only to find that your ticket is gone. If you lose your precious live tickets, there is a high possibility that you will have no choice but to give up on watching the concert, but it is not completely impossible. Try the methods listed below, and if all else fails, give up. If you forget to issue it or forget to store it, it will be too late even if you realize it later. I’ll tell you what I came up with at the top. Please do whatever you have to do, such as contacting the guide who is available by phone. In some cases, identification documents may be required for registration when searching for a seat.

Contact the ticket issuing company

Please contact the company that issued your ticket. I think the ticket company will probably respond like this. “Please contact the operating company of the live”. The company that issued the ticket will tell you how to contact the operating company of the live, so please inquire with the operating company. Depending on the operating company, loss of tickets may be NG, and there may be cases where entry is permitted under certain conditions. Please be aware that many of the conditions apply to restrictions such as paying the fee again, and even if you find a ticket later, you cannot cancel it.

buy ticket again

It depends on how popular the performance is, but if you can still buy tickets on the day of the concert, you can buy them right away. This is because tickets can be issued and you can enter immediately. It is no exaggeration to say that everything depends on how popular the performance is. Electronic tickets are issued and issued by 7-Eleven, E+, Pia, Ro-Ticket, etc.

Put out a board at a live venue

There are almost always people at live venues who put up boards saying things like “I want tickets” or “Please give me tickets”. This actually has a chance. On the day of the event, there are a certain number of people who have leftover tickets because their acquaintance suddenly disappeared, and even those who came to the venue on the day but got sick and had to go home. There are people like that, so there is a possibility that you can sell tickets.

Consult with venue staff

This is possible if you can show your ticket number and purchase history to the venue staff. If you have a purchase history, receipt, receipt, etc. that you can confirm that you have purchased, you may be able to enter. Of course, there is also the possibility of refusal. Depending on the operating company, there are many cases where admission is refused, but the most likely way is to consult with the staff at the venue. There is a possibility that you will be able to enter in the form of repurchase.

fan club membership card

If you are a member of a specific artist’s fan club, you may be given preferential treatment. Entry may be granted upon presentation of fan club membership card. Repurchasing tickets is 100% inevitable, but if you can refer to your membership information, you may be able to remember your seat number.

How to enter even if you lose your ticket

Even if you lose your ticket, you will need to show proof of purchase in order to enter. Make sure you keep a record of the evidence. Especially important are seat numbers, receipts, invoices, and other things that can be used to verify your identity. It would be even better if you have a fan club membership card. If you have these, you may be able to enter. It is also important to bring enough cash on the day to be prepared for anything.


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