Flamenco guitar: characteristics, history, and price of this ethnic instrument Differences from classical guitar


A flamenco guitar is an acoustic guitar with nylon strings. Unlike classical guitar music, flamenco guitar is said to have originated from both Moorish and Spanish cultures. Flamenco is an ancient folk art from the Andalusia region of southern Spain. Gypsies began to spread in Europe in the mid-15th century, when they settled in various countries such as Italy and France. It has now become a famous instrument in Europe.


This instrument was born in Spain. Flamenco guitars have a sound similar to that of a large acoustic guitar, and because they are made of light cypress wood, they produce a bright, crisp, and sharp sound. When you play it and use it, the sound on the surface is different from that of a classical guitar. There is a difference in the wood body. Videos are also available, so it’s best to use them according to genre, type, and rhythm. We recommend that you try it out and practice.

About the price

Generally speaking, flamenco guitars are priced low, and these days you can purchase one for around 50,000 yen. Some of the more expensive ones cost over 500,000 yen.

Difference between classical guitar and flamenco guitar

Classical guitars are made of woods such as rosewood and Jacaranda, which produce a round, full-bodied sound. Flamenco guitars are made from cypress wood, which gives them a bright, crisp, and sharp sound. Therefore, there is a difference in tone.

History of flamenco guitar

Flamenco guitars made in Spain are lighter and smaller than typical guitars. Flamenco is an ancient folk performing art in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. The flamenco guitar was incorporated into the accompaniment of the flamenco dance. However, it has evolved into a new format with the times. In the 1900s, it was also used in popular music and became popular. Not only as a flamenco accompaniment, but also in pop music, it has become a very famous instrument. Flamenco guitars are one of the most popular guitars in Spain today.

Features of flamenco guitar

Flamenco guitars are often mistaken for classical guitars. It may look the same at first glance, but flamenco and classical guitars are different. Flamenco guitars are bright, sharp and crisp tones. The guitar itself is so light that it is known as a lightweight guitar. As for the playing method of flamenco guitar, the chord playing method of striking the strings violently, the gorpe playing method of striking the front plate with the fingertips, and the five-series tremolo playing method are often used in the intro, and are influenced by Spanish flamenco. Flamenco guitar was originally known as a flamenco accompaniment instrument, but it has spread to the world of pop music and is now a very famous instrument.

Flamenco guitar song

The flamenco guitar has a strong impression of flamenco because it played the role of accompaniment to flamenco, but it has become an instrument that is often used in songs and bands. There are also guitarists who specialize in flamenco guitar, and it is becoming more common. It is also used in BGM and is a musical instrument that often appears on TV and movies.


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