[Audio] Recommended American earphone/headphone manufacturers 1 Introduction to popular brands and models


Popular American headphones and earphones boast world-class quality and sell well all over the world. If you don’t know if you want earphones with higher sound quality than now, please refer to this article. The product you choose will vary depending on your personal taste, such as the shape of the earphone, driver unit, and playback frequency band. Make sure to choose the product that suits you.

USA have the world’s best manufacturers

In America, there are many brands and models that meet the latest needs. A list is provided below. Technology has caught up with high-resolution sound in both closed and open types, and when installed, there are features that are not available from Japanese manufacturers such as Audio-Technica and Sony. There are also some that have built-in amplifiers, and we offer a complete lineup of the highest quality products that people can get their hands on. It’s a fashion that can only be found overseas, and the logo design is beautiful.


American audio product manufacturer. We also develop microphones, wireless microphone systems, phonograph cartridges, discussion systems, mixers, etc., and are a comprehensive audio equipment manufacturer that sells products that meet market needs. In 2009, we entered the consumer headphone market with the SRH headphone series. Wireless has been adopted and implemented, making it a very attractive purchase. A model that is open and emphasizes listening. It can be said to be the pioneer of headphones.

CompanyShure Inc.
HeadquarterNiles, Illinois


We are an American audio equipment development company that primarily produces speakers. Pursuing unique sound, we are expanding our business beyond the audio equipment field, including consumer, professional, and car audio equipment. We also sell noise canceling headsets and other products, and we carry a wide variety of products. Made by an overseas manufacturer that is also great for listening, this is a high-quality product that is lightweight, dynamic, and well-balanced. Many people use it as a sound product. Amazon has many entries for wired versions as well. You can enjoy it for a long time.

CompanyBose Corporation


An American headphone manufacturer. Famous products include the canal type The Plug and The Spark Plug, which are very popular. We are developing headphones that can be enjoyed to the fullest even with an iPhone, and products with built-in microphone controllers that allow you to control smartphone operations, volume adjustment, answering/ending calls, etc. An enjoyable series that cuts out various noises. It comes in a variety of convenient designs, is high-performance, simple, and easy to use. It is also used in the field of audio professionals, so it can be used in a wide range of environments.

HeadquarterMilwaukee, WI 


An American manufacturer of earphones and hearing aids. We develop earphones that are supported by professional musicians and are proud of their high quality. We are a pioneer in custom in-ear earphones and sell consumer products (Westone series, UM Pro series) and custom IEM products (ES, AC). The company is also active in the healthcare field and also manufactures hearing aids. Earphones that are comfortable to use, with a delicate fit. The specifications cut noise, are suitable for recording, and you can hear deep bass clearly. A popular product that can pick up a wide range of sounds and is reasonably priced.

CompanyWestone Laboratories, Inc.
HeadquarterColorado Springs 


An American audio equipment manufacturer. We handle a wide range of products, from consumer products such as home audio products, home theaters, and car audio to broadcasting equipment for large-scale facilities such as movie theaters, stadiums, and concert halls. In recent years, we have expanded our lineup to include products for individuals such as speakers for computers and portable music players. Beautiful design and can be used in combination with different styles. It’s sold on Rakuten Market and Amazon, so it’s a good point.

HeadquarterNorthridge, California

Harman Kardon

An American audio equipment brand. A multinational company affiliated with South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, which originally made car audio and other products. However, by making full use of superior acoustic technology and highly advanced design, we produce many high-quality products. The materials are carefully selected and the surroundings are clear just like a home appliance, so it reproduces high performance and high-level sound quality all at once. It can be said that it is a pioneer with high technology and particular attention to design.

CompanyHarman International Industries, Incorporated
HeadquarterStamford, Connecticut


An American audio equipment developer and manufacturer. It boasts top sales at audio specialty stores and consumer electronics retailers in the U.S. market. They develop earphones and headphones that are designed to anatomically fit the shape of the human ear canal, and are known for being extremely comfortable. High specs naturally block noise and sound insulation. Since it is portable and can be carried around, it has a great design and optimal quality, making it impressive and fun. Even in the studio, you can adjust the audio to bring out its natural characteristics.

CompanyKlipsch Audio Technologies

Ultimate Ears

A manufacturer that designs and manufactures audio equipment in the United States. Although it is a relatively new company and has been in business for about 20 years, its strength is in custom in-ear monitors, and it boasts an 80% market share in the industry. Universal fit earphones are also popular, and the manufacturer also produces models developed for iPhone and iPad. A long-established store with a variety of sizes. It looks stylish and durable, has all the necessary general functions, and has a strong image of high cost performance.

CompanyKlipsch Audio Technologies
HeadquarterIrvine, California

Beats Electronics

A brand that designs and manufactures audio equipment in the United States. Founded in 2008, it is a very young company. There are also models equipped with noise canceling to meet modern needs. The company was founded by music producer and rapper Dr. Dre and Interscope Records founder Jimmy Iovine. In addition, Trent Reznor is the Chief Creative Officer.

CompanyBeats Electronics LLC


It is an American audio equipment brand. An American audio brand loved by many audiophiles, five types will be released in 2021: SR325x'',SR225x”, SR125x'',SR80x”, and “SR60x”. We have a wide lineup of headphones and cartridges. They tend not to leak sound and are very well made.

CompanyBeats Electronics LLC


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