[Acoustic guitar] When is the life span: Stringed instrument


The acoustic guitar is one of the most famous and well-known musical instruments in modern society. Acoustic guitar is active in various fields such as folk music, jazz, and healing, with pop music at the top. Many professional musicians can also play it, and it is a standard instrument in the world of commercial music. However, many people do not know how long this acoustic guitar will last.

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You can see a list of information on guitars that can be purchased at the store, so please check the information below and use it as a reference. Top guitars are available and tuning is easy. Before purchasing, we recommend that you ask questions and check the model and many features directly at the store. It is safer to actually touch the instrument, including whether it can be repaired, the environment of the wood, the tone, the state of management, whether it has deteriorated, and how it feels when playing. Some brands also sell sets that include amplifiers and effectors.

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What is an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitar is a traditional guitar. Acoustic means that it doesn’t use electricity, which is the opposite of electric guitar. There are basically six strings, and you can make sounds by playing the strings with your fingers or something called a pick.


The story changes depending on whether or not the acoustic guitar is made properly. It is said that if the structure is solid, it will last for 50 to 100 years. Of course, if the neck breaks or the body is deeply damaged, it will be unusable and severe. It is said that the more you use an acoustic guitar, the better it sounds. It is said that the time when the sound is most likely to be heard is around 50 years after starting to use it. However, if you continue to use it for decades, maintenance costs will inevitably be incurred, so consider that as well.


The strings of an acoustic guitar must be replaced. When to replace it depends on the person. Some people replace it once a month. Some people do it once a year. Furthermore, when there is a live performance, some people change the strings before the live performance. Therefore, depending on your taste, regular replacement is an absolute requirement.

Storage conditions

How not to break the acoustic guitar is important to keep using it for a long time. If you handle it roughly, it will break immediately. It is no exaggeration to say that the more you treat it, the longer it will last.


Maintenance is essential for the longevity of an acoustic guitar. As soon as you finish playing the guitar, wipe it with a cloth designed specifically for musical instruments. The oil and sweat on your hands on your guitar can cause cracks if it gets into your body or fingerboard through small scratches.


The fingerboard is usually under the strings, so it’s not very noticeable, but when you remove the strings, it’s unexpectedly dirty with finger oil, dust on both sides of the frets, and fine rust. .. Wipe the fingerboard with a soft cloth using a special oil such as lemon oil.


The frets are an important part of determining the pitch of the guitar, but the strings are always pressed hard and rubbed by choking, which can hurt them. You can restore the smoothness by polishing the fret head with an abrasive.


The sound of the guitar changes greatly depending on the material of the parts that the strings are touching, so simply changing the material of the nut will improve the sound.


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