About the characteristics and personality of people who like the piano What kind of music do you like?


This article explains the characteristics, personality, and common tendencies of people who like the piano. People who are about to start playing the piano or those who want to try it may be wondering if they can really learn to play the piano. Are there any types of piano that are suitable or unsuitable? And what kind of personality would be suitable for it? I have listed some common traits among piano players.

aptitude for piano

What kind of person is suitable for playing the piano? Your sense of rhythm, finger motor nerves, memory, and even your sense of music will all come into play. People who play the piano have the following things in common: They play a piece of music taught by their teacher and play it until they become good at it, but since the subject matter is classical music, many people prefer classical music. What I noticed from my experience is that many of the songs that can be played and continued to be played in piano classes are classical. At competitions, students often play the same classical music they have learned on the keyboard during recitals.

They like the piano

This should come as no surprise. If you like the piano, practicing will not be a pain. In fact, most people start playing the piano every day and it becomes part of their daily routine. Many people simply love the sound of the piano and practice it as if it were just for fun. Even the simple exercises are so enjoyable that they don’t feel like pain at all. Pianists always have strong feelings and emotions. Of course, I also patiently practice various things on the electronic piano. I will try my best to be able to play piano songs at home.


There are few people who play the piano who are desperate. Many people are mentally relaxed and enjoy their lives. However, on the other hand, people who are perfectionists tend to have less leeway and tend to progress slowly on the piano. Since you can’t move on to the next step until you perfect one area, your progress will be slower than those who are rough around the edges. Maybe you think you can become a great pianist in the future. Of course, there are some areas where I am more confident and ingenious than those around me. Even if you’re lonely, you can easily start a single song, whether it’s for work or as a hobby.

practice every day

People who are good at piano or who can continue practice every day. It is said that if the piano rests for one day, it will return for three days. In other words, it is not suitable for people who are easily bored. It’s going to be difficult to improve because you’ll throw it out right away. The finger sensations and muscles for playing the piano will soon fall off if you don’t practice, so you need to train your intervals every day.

positive thinking

People who practice piano every day are very positive. Many people think that even if they are bad at it now, they will be good at it in a year. On the other hand, people with negative thoughts have a hard time improving. No matter how much you practice, you won’t get better at this. This creates anxiety and self-doubt, which causes them to stop. With positive thinking, you can play the piano when you have time before thinking about things. When I suddenly think of something, the first thing I think about is the piano.


Sensitivity is important in the world of music. When I started playing the piano, it was enough just to be able to play according to the score, but playing the piano is not about accurately entering the score data. It’s important how you express your music. Types that improve tend to have a lot of sensibility, and they tend to be able to express it through music.


It is said that people with too high self-esteem are not suitable for piano. This is because the piano cannot suddenly become a professional level in one day, so if a person with high self-esteem does it, it will be frustrating. Therefore, when playing the piano, those who can take a long view tend to succeed. A piano player is like a craftsman. It is not something that can be done suddenly.


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