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Do you know the app called Apple News? It is a news app that disseminates various information from all over the world. According to a British survey, it is said to be the most used news app in 2021, and it is a media that transmits various information from entertainment to political news. Since it supports various OS, it can be accessed from various models.

What is Apple News?

Apple News is a news app. Known for reading newspaper articles from all over the world. It covers a variety of genres, from current news to information on world trends. You can read articles from famous newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times, and this app is recommended for those who want to obtain the latest world news regardless of genre. According to the British media Press Gazette, Apple News was the most used app in the UK in 2021. This seems to have surpassed BBC and Sky News. Apple News is a free app. It also introduces an easy-to-read screen layout on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple News

Apple News Info

Data and contents can be viewed in the following environments. Today’s news, projects and schedules are available from the web on Apple TV and Apple Watch accounts. Before getting started, check the service rules and terms of use. When participating, viewing times and environments vary depending on the region. Not only business news, but also healthcare, journals, entertainment, animation, Major League Soccer, etc. have been updated and the performance of the page has been improved. . There are also channel registration and management and calendar functions.

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Apple News+

Apple News is a free app. However, Apple News+ is a premium version of Apple News with additional features for a monthly fee of $9.99. In the case of Apple News+, in addition to the basic functions, more than 300 super famous magazines and newspaper articles can be read, online and offline reading can be done between devices, up to 6 people can access, There is a point that iOS 12.2 or later can be used.


Apple News is an app that was announced in September 2015 with the release of iOS9. Released for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. 2016 saw a new icon and redesign of the app, and the announcement of breaking news notifications. In 2018, as the number of users increased, it became possible for users to use it in the United Kingdom, Australia, etc. In 2019 we also added support for Canada and added a paid subscription version. In 2020 Apple News+ is bundled with his Premier package on Apple One.

Will it become popular?

Apple News is fine, but in the case of Apple News+, it’s paid news, so even if you can read information from fairly popular and well-known magazines as much as you want, I get the impression that not many people spend money on news apps these days. In English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, there are many people who have installed the app, but there are countless companies that create rival news apps, and many of them are free to read. I have doubts about whether to do so. If you just want to see news, you don’t need to buy a paid news app. Meanwhile, Apple News+ is bundled in his Apple One’s Premier package alongside iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+.


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